Plastic boxes production requirements and use requirements
Plastic box products in the course of requirements, Dongguan plastic boxes of product design, mold making, production techniques, punch cutting edge, check the shipping and so on. Good plastic boxes production, there must be a complete working program. The use of packaging materials can play a role in the beautification, but also will promote the sale of packaging materials, the use of packaging is also done quite a lot of products sold, to be able to truly reflect the characteristics of the packaging and play the role of packaging is necessary to carefully design ideas .
Blister packaging design, the design plastic packaging is personalized thing, do not do well the previous packaging design, packaging for easy transportation, the role of protective materials, packaging is more at this stage as a sales exhibition, attracting more more consumers desire to buy, you need a line with articles and compliance design of modern society, such as blister packaging will have a unique sense, the traditional packaging simply means that out of the situation will adapt to contemporary packaging design is era of clear plastic box continuous improvement, product design is the most important part of the production of packaging, designed to fit the style of modern taste, packaging image of the United States to attract the crowd, will be better able to increase sales.
Mold making, mold making or in accordance with the design drawings are produced in accordance with the kind of the mold, the production process which requires attention to produce the article display angle, reflecting the uniqueness of goods, selling a good package.
Production techniques, production needed to pay attention to product quality requirements, must pass a number of different aspects of quality control from the molding machine to automatic production lines, online careful view, in the production process inspection personnel need time to do a comprehensive inspection, packaging inspection personnel have the responsibility to ensure that multiple aspects of quality through the blister packaging.
Punch cutting edge, blister packaging produced from the molding machine is a whole number of post-plastic products fused, and requires the use of a single product cutter punch out occurs when punching die is not sharp, cause irregular phenomena surrounding, or die placed incorrectly washed out, leading to product obsolescence.
Sealing is the final check before a procedure to ensure product quality inspection negligent remedy, this procedure will be checked before sealing plastic boxes waiting for shipping.
The value of using plastic boxes
Plastic packaging question recently seen on a part of the plastic box packaging potential users to see the most powerful presentation blister box packing, plastic box it has a lot of users opened the hearts of doubt, the use of plastic boxes products can bring items What is the value? Why do you want packaging design to use plastic box packaging? These concerns can often see the plastic case problems, the value of the packaging after use effects are also existing production problems. Of course we are very happy to have this question for everyone to be answered.
Use plastic boxes products can bring what items worth?
Of course there will be the use of packaging blister packaging box packaging should function has the scale effect of the use, value, beautify, promote sales. Using these four effects, but these effects are needed packaging carefully designed only, grade and value are connected, first grade will be valuable, packaging to reflect the effect of these two kinds of main surface of the material quality and appearance of the special delivery, packaging is the quality and value of landscaping beautification summed up just one kind of feel. Packaging can promote sales, packaging landscaping, grades, combined with the plastic trays value of goods has become the role of sales promotion, packaging production design are in accordance with consumers’ purchasing psychology to design.
Why use plastic boxes for packaging of goods?
Importance of packaging plastic boxes that use low-cost, lightweight, packing effect. This will not only plastic package be able to use lightweight packaging convenient for consumers to carry, but also to facilitate their loading and delivery, the cost of the packaging than the other classes on packaging plastic clamshell packaging packaging is also relatively cheaper. The use of the plastic packaging industry, there are three types of packaging, protection, or a combination of sales action effects in combination, if the use of protective packaging and sales packaging type desired to be designed in accordance with the article. In fact, as long as the packaging can achieve the effect as its original packaging costs will also be able to better grasp in his hands.