Plastic boxes of raw materials are: PVC, PS, PP, PET, PETG and flocking, antistatic, conductive and other materials. Plastic boxes of the specific production process: 1: mold making and processing. 2: Die processing after drying completely softened. 3: the softened plastic sheet with good lockers, placed in a vacuum chamber, the suction start switch, the plastic trays vacuum cleaner indoor air suction plastic package pump, until the plastic sheet after cooling the mold to obtain the same is concave
????The so-called colored plastic box plastic boxes, plastic material itself is through color plastic packaging and printing, screen printing, molding and other processes produced colored plastic packaging. This form of plastic packaging products, the production process is relatively complex, the product quality requirements are relatively high, therefore, its price will be higher than ordinary plastic boxes.
????Nice color blister packaging for easy transportation of products, sales presentations, etc., have applications in many fields, especially electronic products, electronic products in many stores, through the color blister packaging over product, through lighting, display counter background, making the product more beautiful, full color, strong visual impact, it is easy to attract the attention of consumers. However, if the blister packaging product quality requirements, but off, it could undermine the packaged product display image. Therefore, Fu Jia plastic factory to remind customers to show with blister packaging packaging design procurement, to strictly control the quality of packaging products, which is the plastic plant must be done!
????First, the plastic packaging material of choice, typically used for printing or screen printing plastic materials are mostly transparent or translucent material, sub-colored plastic plastic case materials and identify materials. Second, multi-color offset printing methods or monochrome taking printing, screen printing. Plastic factory in Fu Jia, multicolor printing machinery used for printing is a six-color presses, ink select Black + spot colors, four colors, four colors + spot color inks and other options. Blister packaging according to customers the flexibility to choose the color characteristics. Monochrome printing can take automatic screen printing presses, inks selected environmental compliance organic spot color inks, screen printing has the advantage of color thick, simple process. Again, post-processing molding, color blister box Blister pack boxes generally, post-molding machinery used by the indentation machines, automatic bonding machines. Finally, color blister packaging quality requirements. Printing: 1, consistent color and samples, do not fade; 2, overprint precision; 3, no leakage word, paste the word phenomenon 4, the printing surface clean. Post-processing molding aspects: 1, to ensure consistent molding box-type and sample 2, the surface smooth, no scratch, scratch phenomenon 3, strong adhesion, not unglued.