Luminous characters plastic production process

? clear plastic box
??????Acrylic solid plastic luminous characters are imported clamshell packaging PMMA (acrylic) material, the use of modern optical technology developed by a new solid light, packaging design exquisite processing technology, high-fidelity made of materials with high mechanical strength font, do not fade plastic trays , deformation, corrosion plastic box resistance, etc., more than fifteen years lifetime sun exposure.
??????Font format size limitation, the plastic packaging overall shape without adhesive, color free to deploy, the night plastic package can quintana light, plastic case ultra-bright light-emitting element using the arts neon bright cold light source and LED technology, under normal operating conditions, can work 25,000 hours – – 100,000 hours or more, the power consumption is very low, voltage 220V or 12V, and life does not have to maintain. Placed outdoors for decades without fading, durable bright; plate color is very rich, there are dozens of colors on