BOPS plastic clear plastic box products safer!

BOPS plastic products safer!
We saw in the supermarket food plastic products are mostly transparent BOPS material. BOPS plastic products have been used for many years in developed countries, it has good strength, strong crack-resistant properties; appearance, good gloss, transparency is greater than PET and PVC materials; non-toxic, tasteless, good chemical stability, non- with acid, alkali, salt and other substances react, does not change the taste of food and pharmaceutical quality, in line with international food, medicine and health standards; it has a good temperature adaptability of -35 degrees to 95 degrees range, to maintain long-term dimensionally stable without plastic trays deformation; BOPS plastic products both in the course of or in the incineration process, not produce any toxic substances, and 100% recycled.
BOPS plastic package plastic products and plastic products different from the ordinary that it must use positive air pressure automatic plastic thermoforming machine production, heating, forming, cutting once. Mold development costs are high, but the price is low.
BOPS plastic packaging clamshell packaging products plastic case can be used as vessels of plastic packaging various types of packaging design food: food box, food cover, snack, seafood trays, fruit trays, fruit boxes, cake boxes, plastic box vegetable boxes, candy, frozen food boxes, can be used both inside and outside medicine packaging, clothing and daily necessities packaging