Plastic products plastic trays Investment plastic package Analysis

First, locate plastic products plastic products sales in the domestic and plastic packaging foreign market sales positioning. Quotient of their needs: plastic case medicine, health care products, food, fast food, electronics, chemical and other production enterprises, medium and large new supermarkets, hypermarkets, and family.
Second, the product features plastic products Plastic products have the following characteristics:
a, plastic products raw materials required varieties, mainly: BOPS (OPS), HIPS, PS, PVC, plastic box PP, PET, APET, PA, PE, CT, PC and other sheet material, which BOPS, PP, PET the most widely used, clamshell packaging is environmentally friendly materials.
b, plastic products mainly used for all kinds of toys, hardware, snack, bowls, pots, stationery, medicine, electronics, food and the blister boxes, pudding, jelly, microwave, conditioning, frozen food and supermarkets clean vegetable trays and other occasions.
Three, plastic products, plastic products manufacturing equipment production equipment: plastic machine, cutting machine and other packaging design equipment. Estimated 300,000
Fourth, plastic products plastic products production process all the production process: Plastic particles clear plastic box Extrusion (sheet extrusion machine) heating sheet molding (thermoforming machine) release slices (thermoforming machine or punching machine) plastic products (waste generation crush granulation) packing five, plastic products, plastic products production preparation preparation: 1 compressed air (positive and negative); 2. Power; 3 water; 4 production sites; 5 product storage warehouse; 6 raw and auxiliary materials procurement….