Professional processing plastic boxes

There is plastic box a kind of plastic box lid and the bottom of the plastic packaging boxes, base and cover together called folding plastic boxes, bottom and lid separate lid plastic boxes called Heaven and Earth. Broadly speaking, it refers to all blister, narrow sense, but a class of blister: with sheet plastic molding for the plastic box-shaped lid and the container is connected. Multi-PS made, there plastic package will be separate clamshell packaging lid and bottom, you can use different materials.
Professional design and production of PVC, PS, PP, plastic packaging PET plastic boxes, gold silver plastics products plating film, flocking vacuum forming, clear plastic box folding boxes, drums, high frequency embossing, etc. plastic trays Its products are widely used packaging company in food, pharmaceutical, beverage, tea , gifts, crafts, toys, stationery, clothing, electronics, hardware and other products and containers.
Our factory has advanced plastic molding equipment, according to customer requirements and design and produce various kinds of plastic packaging products: PVC, PP, plastic case PS, PET and other plastic packaging products, plastic boxes are widely used in food, hardware, electronics, stationery , packaging design toys, medical, medicine, handicrafts, cosmetics, gifts, health supplies, daily necessities, clothing, aquaculture and tourism supplies and other products and external packaging, the product has beautiful appearance, environmental protection and other features. The same time, production and processing of various materials POF, PVC, PE shrink film and shrink film bags…