Su Chang Tan plastic mold material

Plastic mold choose? Plastic factory, plastic mold plaster mold generally, plating copper mold and aluminum die three.
Plaster mold: plaster sculpture in semi-wet state shape, and then drying Serve mold, plaster mold, low cost, easy to modify, but the plaster mold precision is not high enough, the surface is not smooth and friable not durable, so it is often used to fight pretend to do electroplating copper mold mold species or some of the less demanding small batch of plastic mold.
Aluminum mold: ingots by mechanical (lathes, milling machines, CNC, etc.) processing. Aluminum mold, high precision, smooth surface and durable, but plastic package plastic box the price is very expensive, aluminum mold is generally used in high precision mold plastic products unattainable.
????Electroplating copper mold: plaster mold species into the sample after plating layer is packaging company electroplated copper shell mold, plaster mold packaging design cost is relatively high, but much cheaper than the aluminum mold, because of its smooth surface, clear plastic box durable, low-cost advantages, plastic packaging electroplating is the most common plastic trays kind of mold plastic mold.
Plastic factory, plastic mold making is based on the style of their products, handmade plaster, for durable, after drying in its mold plastic case at about 5mm thick electroplated copper layer, it is also called electric mold (in fact, The interior is plaster), this is done plastics products in order to save costs, you can say 99% of the plastic molds are thus produced, the production cost of around $ 600 for each version. However, there are little part of the product, due to clamshell packaging customer requirements are particularly high quality of plastic, aluminum will be used with the wire cutting or milling and then polished production, but the costs are electrically mold 10 times, about 5-6000 million, this aluminum tooling costs are generally the customer’s own pay, plastic plants rarely own expense, unless there are one million orders.