Description of blister

Plastic packaging plastic packaging products include: blister, plastic trays, plastic boxes, plastic masks. In a narrow sense but in a transparent plastic products category, showing in the supermarket, play intuitive, beautify and protect the role of products. There are many synonyms for blister, including: blister, vacuum hood, mask, plastic boxes, plastic housing, and so on. Blister as plastic packaging products, a very wide range of applications in almost every manufacturing enterprises and trading companies must be used. Its most versatile clamshell plastics products packaging areas are: supermarket goods, paper packaging products lined plastic package packaging company trays and other industrial parts turnover. Dongguan City West Sharp Packaging Products Factory specializes in producing plastic packaging products, plastic packaging plastic trays plastic case products factory is one that can meet our customers in blister packaging clear plastic box and thick plastic product needs, providing quality products and services. The production of plastic packaging products are widely used in food plastic boxes, pharmaceutical blister packaging, blister tray packaging design health care products, daily necessities, stationery, electronics, hardware, toys and other fields; the production of thick plastic products are widely used in medical equipment shell, instrument case, instrument case, electrical enclosures, pet droppings tray, the advertising industry, decoration industry and furniture accessories. plastic box Available materials are PVC, PET, PP, ABS, HIPS and flocking tablets, can produce multi-level multi-standard and high-precision plastic products….