Introduction plastic raw materials

Blister packaging products plastic sheet material only, the film thickness is generally less than 1.5MM, plastic products with high quality primary PVC, PET, PP, PS, GAG, flocking and other plastic plastic case materials, production of high-grade and various Specifications of electronic blister packaging, blister packaging stationery, toys blister packaging, metal blister packaging, food blister packaging, clamshell packaging cosmetic gift crafts blister packaging.
Plastic molding material requirements:
1 plastic molding can only produce relatively uniform thickness product (usually chamfer slightly thinner), significant differences between the wall thickness can not be produced plastic products
(2) Forming thickness generally in the range of 1 to 2mm or more thin (small packaging blister packaging sheets most commonly used thickness of 0.15 to 0.25mm)
3 degree of stretching plastic molding products subject to certain restrictions, plastic molding plastic container diameter greater depth than is generally not more than one, in extreme cases shall not exceed 1.5
4 blister packaging products, dimensional accuracy is poor, the relative error is generally one percent or more.
Blister clear plastic box packaging material normally used in the choice of printing or printing on the material mostly transparent or translucent material, colored plastic box of a colorless plastic packaging material, and secondly, multicolor offset printing methods or plastic package monochrome taking printing, screen printing, etc. . Plastic factory in Fu Jia, multicolor printing machinery used for printing is a six-color presses, ink select Black + spot colors, four plastic trays colors, four colors packaging design + spot color inks and other options.
Nice plastic boxes also facilitate transportation of products, sales presentations, etc., but also by color blister packaging products had borrowed lighting, display counter products become steel foil is beautiful, full color, more visual impact, and can be plastic box easily to attract the attention of consumers. Mainly used in automotive, electronics, toys, stationery, medicine, food, cosmetics, handicrafts, machinery, hardware and other industries….