Of plastic sheet

Plastic packaging products production technology clear plastic box is the application of the principle of air pressure, the use of plastic machine equipment plastic case for the production of various plastic trays product packaging, floor tile mold and the mold of practical production process technology, which uses clamshell packaging a very wide range, producing fast, small packaging design investment, quick, high efficiency. Plastic boxes in the production process many of the problems often occur because too many factors, and each link is difficult to control.
Blister packaging products plastic sheet material only, the film thickness is generally less than 1.5MM, plastic packaging commonly used sheet material: PVC, PET, PP, PS, and on this basis, the flocking sheet, gold-plated sheets and anti-static film timber. The plastic sheet produced through the heat compression molding into a finished plastic packaging products, the details of the definitions interpreted as a copy of the standard shape of the mold contour accuracy fillet radius is very small that the contact surfaces of the mold and the surface structure (leather and wood). Details of clarity plastic package by the following factors: the thickness of the plastic sheet vacuum forming molded sheet molding temperature of the injection molding mold temperature forces the exhaust system in the thickness direction mold type LED elongated high plastic box impact polystyrene, polypropylene, polyethylene, ABS and PPE is a molded product, for clarity, a good plastic….