The main advantages of plastic packaging

Plastic boxes for cargo container, stacking, handling and transport placed for easy loading and unloading, handling and storage.
Plastic products, plastic sheet materials only, the film thickness of not more than 1.5mm. The sheet material clamshell packaging used: PVC, PET, PP, PS, and on the basis of flocking sheet, anti-static sheet and plated sheet. Plastic packaging design mold plaster mold generally, plating copper mold and aluminum die three.
Plastic blister packaging is the use of technology plastic package to produce plastic products, and use the appropriate equipment for product packaging in general. Blister plastic box packaging The main advantages are: saving raw materials, light weight, easy to transport, environmentally friendly green packaging requirements; able to wrap any special products, packing clear plastic box without additional cushioning material; being transparent packaging products visible, beautiful appearance, easy to sales, and suitable for mechanized, automated packaging, ease plastic case of modern management, saving plastic trays manpower and improve efficiency.
Professional production of PVC, PS, PET, PETG, PP and other materials, plastic boxes, plastic trays and cylindrical plastic packaging plastic boxes, blister blister, etc., depending on your requirements, you can choose to use all kinds of color sheet design you need products. Plastic packaging products are widely used in food packaging (moon cake Neto, biscuits Neto), cosmetics, toys and so on….