Four kinds of plastic packaging products detection method

It is understood that non-toxic plastic packaging products is made of polyethylene, polypropylene, and melamine and other raw materials that can be used to package food, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic packaging made of poisonous and can not be used to make food packaging. However, the market especially farmers markets and small traders use blister packaging, even if direct contact with cooked food are mostly toxic plastic packaging plastic packaging, blister packaging did those sterilized, the surface there are a lot of talcum powder, often used plastic case The plastic blister packaging products directly imported cooked food, especially hot food, plastic package causes the body to declining health.
Plastic packaging products currently on the plastic box market can be divided into two categories: clamshell packaging non-toxic and toxic blister packaging blister packaging. If the packaging products for high environmental requirements, we need to carefully distinguish whether the toxic plastic packaging products, unsanitary and so on. Especially food products packaging, plastic materials selection clear plastic box and identification of particular packaging design importance, as it relates to food safety, health, consistent with national food safety packaging standards, four kinds of plastic packaging products testing methods:
1, fire detection: non-toxic polyethylene plastic packaging flammable, burning like a candle, like tears dripping with paraffin smell, smoke less; toxic PVC plastic packaging is not plastic trays flammable, away from the fire is put out, softened to drawing, with pungent odor of hydrochloric acid.
2, sensory detection: non-toxic plastic packaging products milky plastic packaging white, translucent or colorless, transparent, flexible, feel smooth surface like wax: toxic plastic packaging cloudy or yellowish color, feel sticky.
3, water detection: Press into the bottom of the blister packaging, blister packaging small proportion of non-toxic, can be surfaced, toxic plastic packaging than the major sin
4, jitter detection method: Hold the blister packaging end hard shake, issued by the crisp sound non-toxic; muffled toxic astringent…