Plastic plastic package molding production clear plastic box process points to plastic packaging note

Plastic mold factory completely dry, the mold into the vacuum chamber upper iron on. Then the size of the mold, the sheet is cut combined sizes. The sheet was then placed in an electric furnace oven, it is completely fixed by softening treatment. The softened sheet is hot and then plastic trays pulled well above the mold plastic; mold shift and evacuated, the softened sheet to the mold surface adsorption; while the cooling water mist spray on the surface of molded sheet, it sclerosis; forming a sheet and then automatically pulled to the storage silo; pneumatic clamshell packaging cutter forming and not forming the plastic case sheet-separate, thereby completing the process of Yucheng unit. Finally, the product will be produced out of the reorganization is finished trimming packed products.
Plastic products appearing in the main quality problems mostly occur during this process:
1, plastic is not in place, refers to the shape deformation, no plastic into the mold for the same switch products;
2, plastic excessive, refers to the packaging design product too thin;
3, cable, molded products is thrown undue line plastic box marks;
4, uneven thickness.
These problems are needed in Shanghao mold, place a sheet forward and debugging time, heating temperature and time, intensity and duration of the vacuum pump, the upper die landing location, time, and depth, placement of the mold imposition mold Rooms are plus attachments, etc.