Precision plastic products production process

clamshell packaging Plastic packaging products smooth surface, moderate cost, durability is moderate, the disadvantage is mold production cycle is long, unable to complete the production of precision plastic products.
Plastic packaging products are mainly raw materials: PVC, PS, PP, PET, PETG and flocking, antistatic, conductive and other materials, production process: 1, mold making and processing: According to the plastic trays requirement or sample clear plastic box size, first make good Blister molds, under normal conditions, are using plaster mold making plastic packaging, but also useful for carving wood and metal products for mold, plaster mold making is completed, let it dry naturally or dry completely, then concave surface of the product circumstances, with 1-2 mm Drill spent does not affect the appearance of the lower recesses product packaging drill many holes, if the packaging of products, have a number of holes drilled in the surrounding plastic case edge to plastic production, able to air plastic package out, die-drilled, you still need to plaster mold hardening process, the hardening process is saturated with concentrated packaging design alum solution after plastic packaging soaking dry. 2, the mold after complete drying process, the upper mold in a vacuum chamber on the iron, and the size of the mold, the plastic sheet containing a suitable size, and this sheet is placed in a heating lockers, the it is completely plastic box fixed , then set wooden cabinet with plastic sheet on the softening temperature furnace. 3, the softened plastic film with good lockers, placed in a vacuum chamber, the suction start switch, the indoor air suction pump vacuum cleaner, a plastic sheet to be cooled, the mold is to obtain or process the same female mold package. 4, blister packaging finishing; the products produced by trimming finishing is finished product, and then packaged to sell.