Blister packaging products classification?
A. double blister packaging refers to two blister cards and paper packaging products packaged together. Which is characterized by high frequency machines will need double blister sealing, low efficiency, high cost plastics products of packaging, but the edge neat appearance, the appearance of high-grade products.
Should be noted that the question is:
1 blister only use PVC and PETG film, or can not heat or heat ineffective;
(2) high-frequency mold determines whether the double blister edge quality.
B. Semi blister packaging products Banlu full meaning clear plastic box is double blister packaging, refers to two blister cards and paper products packaged together, but the product part exposed outside of blister packaging for particularly long products. It features require manual with scissors first blister cut on exposed parts of the product, and then double blister high frequency sealing machine, low efficiency, high cost of packaging, but the visual effect is plastic case good, but to meet the user in the supermarket to pick goods, directly touch the products.
Should be noted:
1 easy to plastic package use with dirty products such packaging is not packaging company easy to form;
2 in the blister on the edge neatly cut hole should pay attention;
3 blister must be clamshell packaging rigid PVC or PETG sheet.
C. Carded refers to paper cards and folded over triangular transparent blister packaging plugged together form, which is characterized by packaging does not require any packaging equipment, workers need only the product, blister and paper Caan put in position on the line.
Should be noted that the question is:
1 paper card and fold over the right edge of the blister size, plug together tight, paper card and blister becomes type; too loose, plastic packaging it will be easily packaging design disengaged.
(2) product too heavy, consider a certain position in the paper with staples blister card and fixed.
D. blister card packaging refers to the blister heat sealing plastic oil on paper with a surface of the card, the common supermarket battery pack multi-purpose category. Its characteristics are needed plastic sealing device product packaged in paper card and blister between.
Should plastic box be noted that the question is:
1 paper card surface must be requested through plastic oil (in order plastic trays to work with PVC blister heat sealing stick together);
2 blister only with PVC or PETG sheet;
3 Because blister paper card just stick to the surface, so the packaged product is not easy too….