Plastic products related presentations
1 plastic mold: plastic mold production, lowest cost gypsum mold, followed by plating copper mold, aluminum mold is the most expensive. Mold drilled holes for vacuum heat of adsorption of rigid sheet, forming plastic products.
(2) Forming: that we often talk about plastic, plastic molding machine using heat to soften the hard plastic adsorbed on clamshell packaging the surface plastics products of the mold after cooling, the formation of concave and convex shapes of plastic.
3 blister cutting: plastic molding plastic products, after punch, the large sheets of sheet with die cut into a single product. plastic package
4 ultrasonic sealing: a blister packaging technology, the packaging company use of ultrasound machines produce ultrasound, the bubble shell bubble shell bonded together to form a double blister packaging, and the difference is that high-frequency sealing, ultrasonic sealing PVC not only , PETG material, it can seal PET material, but also on packaged products are not electromagnetic harm, especially for electronic products packaging; downside is that ultrasonic clear plastic box sealing can only be spaced dots, plastic trays and is generally a time sealing a straight edges.
5 scratches: Blister especially on the finished product on a transparent blister with scratch marks, if traces too long, too big, it becomes defective bulb, not be used for high-grade packaging.
6 crystallization point: in plastic sheet production process, due to the fine dust in the air, out of the heated plastic material, resulting in a transparent defect, particularly in a transparent plastic sheet production process, which kind of defect is too large, too much time, as defective.
7 Flap: Plastic packaging products there is a call card packaging, packaging design blister needs to be three plastic case sides to the back with a folding machine folding, so that the next step in plastic box a package, the paper card into the fold, forming interpolation card packaging.
8 heat sealing: a blister packaging technology, will be coated with a sealer with plastic oil paper card and blister plastic packaging heat sealing together to form a blister card packaging.
9 frequency sealing: a blister packaging technology, with high frequency machine generates high frequency, the bubble shell blister between bonded together to form a double blister packaging….