What is the packaging design half-blister packaging?

What is the half-blister packaging?
Half blister packaging products Banlu full meaning clear plastic box is double blister packaging, refers plastic box to two blister cards and paper plastic case products packaged together, but the product part exposed plastics products outside of blister packaging, suitable for a particularly long products whose characteristics are needed artificial blister with scissors first product on the exposed parts of cut, and then double blister high frequency sealing machine, low efficiency, high cost of packaging, but the visual effect packaging company is good, and meet user in the supermarket to pick goods, directly touching the demand for the plastic package product should be attention: a, dirty easily with plastic packaging clamshell packaging the use plastic trays of such products is not easy packaging; b, cut holes in the bubble shell should pay attention to neat edge; c, blister must be rigid PVC or PETG sheet.