Advanced plastic processing technology – plastic technology

Dongguan plastic plant, plastic is an advanced plastic processing technology for large, small batch, non-standard pieces of plastic processing. And injection, compared with low tooling costs, development time is short, plastic case short production period features, clear plastic box greatly reducing the product cost and development cycle.
Blow molding with the clamshell packaging general method of blow molding hollow products similar to the larger of its products, and for plastic package the double-sided, larger extruders, co-molding machines and molds. Currently blow molding machine manufacturers have developed specialized high-speed production of super high-strength hollow blow molding plastic box machine tray, made ??of high strength plastic production, plastics products forming speed, good product quality, packaging company with high strength, high stiffness, very long use life, the life of the general blow molding tray can reach 5 to 10 years, while in the -40 ~ 40 environment stability. Dynamic load their products can reach more than 3t, bending plastic trays strength have reached a higher level. Are in need of long-life, high-intensity environment, the preferred use of the tray, the current other than the price of plastic pallets high because of its particularly long service life, its cost is the highest of all trays. With this method significantly reduced the price of molding equipment, will get a rapid development in recent years. Will be for the conservation of limited oil resources and logistics cost savings have greater advantages.
Vacuum packaging design forming plastic pallet production of single-sided and double-sided there are two kinds. Single-sided plastic tray used for small motors (motors such as vacuum cleaners, electric tools, etc.) as well as wire and plate and other packaging, transportation, recently developed faster, and a dedicated mainly. Double-sided plastic tray are assembled, plastic packaging divided two kinds of forms: the upper half-piece extruded length, fixed width plastic sheet, half sheet for large vacuum forming products; upper and lower halves are large vacuum products. Dongguan plastic plant in the production of molding requires a large vacuum equipment, lower cost of equipment, tooling costs are low, but the product of uneven thickness.