1, plastic packaging products for food, pharmaceutical products, frozen products, food, seafood, vegetables, electronics, household goods plastic package and other living plastics products areas of use as packaging boxes, lids, trays and other thermoformed products.
2 Introduction of plastic packaging products quality requirements:
a complete shape incision, almost no gap, no burr and so on.
clear plastic box b forming a complete, full, plastic trays chiseled, smooth surface. Does not allow deformation, the barrier ribs, warping. Nothing more than the design requirements of the bubble point and pits, edges, uniform thickness, no visible deformation and visual phenomena such bad plastic packaging shape.
c surface should be clean and free of dust, oil spots, powders, colored plastic case spots, stains, debris, etc. attached.
d specifications and dimensions Product dimensions deviation should be designed within 1.0 mm size. The shape size for the contents placed Branch appropriate.
e weight deviation deviation does not exceed the approved product weight weight 5%.
3, plastic packaging products, labeling, packaging, transportation and storage:
a logo
Package shall be marked: manufacturer, product name, size number, date of production, inspection work number packaging company and the transport storage of attention.
b Packaging
Packing: disposable plastic lined bags, external carton (standard cartons bearing), a set number of quantitative specifications for packaging by name.
c transport plastic box
During transport should be the standard stacking, light light unloading, prevent extrusion pressure, mechanical impact, rain, Shuaidie and direct packaging design sunlight, etc.
d Storage
In storage, should be stored in relatively cool, ventilated, dry indoor warehouse, the clamshell packaging temperature at 40 degrees or less. From the heat source at least 2M, can not be stored together with toxic materials. Under normal storage conditions, shelf life from date of manufacture of thirty June (three years).