Plastic packaging products about prospects for the development of flexible packaging

Asia is the largest regional market, accounting for 29.1% of global sales of flexible packaging, followed packaging design by Western Europe and North America. Of course, Asia or flexible fastest growing consumer market, plastic case is expected in 2011 to 2016, its plastic package average annual plastic trays compound growth rate will reach 7.9%, and the global flexible packaging consumption growth accounted for 55% of total. Among them, India and China is the country with the fastest growth in consumption of flexible packaging in the 2011 to 2016 period, the two countries will account for the global flexible packaging 44% of total consumption growth.
The outer layer of flexible packaging materials tend to go through a series of processing, such as printing, laminating, coating and extrusion, etc., and may involve different substrates, such as plastic film, paper and metal foil. Types of flexible packaging is also more abundant, including plastic bags, packaging films and lidding film, paper bags and wrapping paper, aluminum-plastic composite tape, aluminum foil, plastic bags and other packaging products as well as packaging company aluminum foil.
Flexible packaging material can be plastics products based on product clear plastic box use (retail food packaging and non-food packaging, such as pet food, tobacco, cosmetics and personal care products, plastic packaging household detergents, pharmaceuticals and medical products) clamshell packaging to perform individually and in combination, and both can be used flexible packaging films soft plastic (PE, PP, PET or PA), aluminum foil and soft paper material by coating and the film can also be other ways to improve their physical properties. From the applications point of view, food accounted for plastic box almost 2011 global flexible packaging consumption 3/4, meat, fish and poultry are the most flexible use of food, followed by candy and baked goods.