What is a blister?

What is a blister? Dongguan plastic plant Blister process to produce plastic products, and use the appropriate equipment for product packaging in general. Plastic packaging products mainly clear plastic plastics products box include: blister, trays, plastic package plastic boxes, synonyms are: vacuum cover, blister and so on. Blister packaging equipment including: plastic molding machines, punching machine, sealing machine, high frequency machine, folding machine. Encapsulated form of packaging products can be divided into: card, blister card, double blister, half blister, folded blister, folded blister and so on. plastic box
Plastic molding production: the use of automatic high-speed plastic packaging plastic molding machine production, the basic principle is: the roll sheet pulled into the furnace oven heated to soften the state, by hot plastic mold and then pulled the top of the mold shift and pumping vacuum adsorption of the softened sheet to the mold plastic trays surface, while the cooling water spray mist in the molding surface of the sheet to cure, forming the sheet and then automatically pulled to the storage bins, the molded pneumatic cutter and minors sheet-separate type, thus completing the whole process.
Dongguan plastic packaging company plant, plastic products emerged as the major quality problems mostly occur during this process:
1 blister is not in place, refers to the shape of the deformation, no plastic clamshell packaging into the same shape and mold products;
2 blister over, refers to plastic case the product too thin;
3 Pull, refers to the packaging design molded product line marks on undue;
4 of uneven thickness. These problems are needed in Shanghao mold, the debugger in place, comprising: advancing the sheet of the time, the heating temperature and time, intensity and duration of the vacuum pump, the upper die falling position, time and depth, placement of the mold imposition position, whether between the mold plus accessories and so on.