Protective film Material development process and application note

Protective film from the point of view of manufacturing materials protective film product development history, we can clearly see the screen protection film has gone through four stages of development. The four stages are : PP, PVC, PET, ARM material constantly updated four stages plastic package . Currently PP material screen protective film manufacturers have already been eliminated , PVC material protective film production in the market in general, the mainstream screen protective film for the PET material , ARM material protective film products are high-end products, the highest price .

PP material protective film

PP material protective film is the first in the market screen protective film material , that the pedigree is not excessive . The Chinese named PP material : polypropylene, is a semi -crystalline materials. It plastics products has a low density, strength , etc. If one said rigid PP material physical and chemical properties we do not have a visual impression, but talking about life, we often use plastic bags should be aware of it . Although the manufacturing process is different , but we can also experiment a bit , to a plastic cover on the phone screen , which is what kind of effect . PP material made ??softer texture resulting film anti-wear performance is low , resulting in poor light display poor. In addition , PP material of the protective film itself, there is no suction force , the need to use glue to paste , and corrosion of the screen glue will be ! So manufacturers have already been eliminated , and now the market has no trail.

PET material protective film

PET material is the professional brand accessories manufacturers produced the film in the most widely used materials it. Chemical name of PET polyester film , plastic film is a polymer . It has high strength, transparency , good gloss , colorless, odorless , non-toxic , high toughness and other characteristics , with good abrasion resistance, folding , pinhole resistance and tear resistance characteristics. In our common things , bottled cola container is manufactured clamshell packaging using PET material . Protective film PET material characteristics and the characteristics of PP and PVC contrary , its texture is hard, so the scratch high performance , long-time use yellowing phenomenon does not occur . After the protective film on the PET film by a scratch card we will bubble out of the excess , which is different because of PP and PET protective film protective film of PVC glue to paste relies , which is pasted electrostatic adsorption . PET protective film is also characterized can be used repeatedly , as long as the water will be clean enough protective film . On the one hand because of PET material excellent physical and chemical properties , on the other hand with the production technology and the continuous improvement of manufacturing processes , that plastic trays is, from the beginning protective film PET material , protective film makers can do uneven surface , so as to achieve excellent anti -fingerprint properties and smooth touch feeling dry Lee . Protective film type only the HD and scrub of the points. PVC PET material cost than high on a lot , but the performance and effectiveness are much higher than the PP and PVC , in order to improve their brand reputation, so many manufacturers of PET material protective film comes along with the protective shell , or add beautifully packaged individually put up for sale , priced at more than hundred dollars or less . Currently commercially sold separately protective film mainly CAPDASE , MOMAX ( packaging company Mo Mishi ), Benks ( Bang Keshi ) and so on. As China PET material production technology level and can not meet the market demand, so most manufacturers choose brand imported from Japan , which is why we often see some of the manufacturers in product advertising their products introduced into the substrate using materials imported from Japan manufacturing .

PVC material protective film

Alternative PP material is PVC material , which is a vinyl chloride monomer polymerization thermoplastic polymer, Chinese called PVC . It has a corrosion resistance, difficult to burn , anti-microbial and good warmth and flexibility. Production of the products thus we are also frequently used in life . PVC material such as pipes, greenhouse farming is often said plastic film used and so on. PVC material screen protective film protective film and PP material itself has a certain amount was compared to viscous , PP material must be used to solve the glue paste steps and softer texture and feel better than PP material clear plastic box protective film . PVC material protective film has the disadvantage that the protective film is thick , the thicker the film transmittance is also worse , and the material itself of PVC on the environment relatively low temperature stability , long after the use of temperature change would occur with yellowing of the signs , leading to a shorter life . PVC material screen protective film can now see in the market , priced at ten dollars or so, but the editor was in Shenzhen Huaqiang North SEG electronics market through the introduction of an acquaintance , 2 yuan to buy a iPhone protection of such material membranes. We usually go to the store to buy a mobile phone , after negotiations would require it presented a film, it is likely that packaging design the gift of foil PVC material screen protector . In addition , to the roadside stalls or mobile phone repair shops film once spent probably around $ 20 , they give you the film is certainly stickers PVC material protective film. This is why the film does not take long after the reason you can not continue to use .

ARM material protective film

ARM material protective film is the best currently available protective film. It is not simply a certain kind of material , but the composite material of the protective film , which has all the advantages of PET material . And PET film of material that is different compared to the special treatment of its outer layer , rather than mere PET layer . Special treatment of different treatment plastic packaging layer protective film material turn into AG ARM processing layer and the HC treatment layer . AG is anti-glare treatment , ARM matte film material that is used this approach ; HC as hardness treatment, we usually say high transmittance film is the use of such approach.
ARM HD material matte protective film protective film and the biggest bit is through the use of composite materials . High permeability membrane which is equivalent to the original PET material we are talking about high-definition film , the difference between the two lies in the level of light transmittance . ARM material of high permeability membrane surface through a special process, making up to 95% light transmission , and the surface will not be reflective . More importantly , ARM protective film material life more permanent , lifelong posted once . ARM material currently on the market produced a protective film manufacturers are ARMkit, Benks ( Bang Keshi ), OK8 and accessories brand Power Support Japan and so on. Because ARM protective film material with higher selling prices , profit margins , so there are a lot of cottage manufacturers produce cheap ARM material protective sleeve shoddy. When you buy need to be carefully screened .

After the above protective film material development process understanding, we can see the emergence of every kind of material are the shortcomings of the previous generation of products to make up or is the satisfaction of user needs . Currently in the market in the sale of screen protective film , there are three : PVC material protective film, PET material protective film , ARM material protective film. These three protective film from low to high price covers all plastic case user groups.

Eight protective film to note

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B, normal vehicle driving four million meters or brake fluid continuous use for more than 2 years, brake oil is very easy to use for a long time and deterioration, so pay attention to the timely replacement .

C, in normal driving the vehicle , if there is heavy braking suddenly overlook when you want to replace the brake fluid in a timely manner , with alcohol before replacing the brake system clean.

D, season , especially during the winter , and if found braking effect is reduced, there may be suited to the level of brake fluid winter weather , then replaced with new brake fluid, the viscosity at low temperatures should choose smaller brake oil.

E, deviation occurs when braking , the braking system to conduct a comprehensive inspection . If you find Cylinder sleeves expansion is too large , it shows the quality of brake fluid may be a problem . You should choose a better quality brake fluid be replaced , also replace the cup .

F, brake fluid level warning device fitted with a vehicle , you should always observe the warning light is flashing , alarm sensor performance is good, when the brake fluid should be enough time to add, store brake fluid should be kept at minimum capacity of calibration between the scale and the highest capacity scale .

G, different types and brands of brake oil do not mix , there are special requirements for braking systems , should bear a particular brand of brake fluid . Since different brands and types of different formulations of brake fluid , plastic box brake fluid will cause the brake mixed oily index declined. Even those intersolubility better, marked or alternative energy mix brand , use has also been unsatisfactory , therefore, not long-term use .
H, when the brake oil mixed with water or inhaled , or is found brake fluid impurities or sediments , it should be replaced or a serious filter , otherwise it will cause the brake pressure is insufficient , thus affecting the braking effect.