Blister packaging material technology Mold Knowledge

Blister packaging sheet called rigid sheet or film, commonly used are: PET (polyethylene terephthalate) rigid sheet, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) rigid sheet, PS (polystyrene) rigid sheet. PS rigid clamshell packaging film of low density, poor toughness, easy plastic packaging to burn, combustion will produce styrene gas (which is harmful gases), it is generally used to produce a variety of industrial plastic tray. PVC rigid film toughness is moderate, not combustion, combustion will produce chlorine, some impact on the environment, PVC heat easily, can be used and high frequency sealing machine sealing machine is the production of transparent plastic products, the main raw material. Hard PET film toughness, high transparency, easy to burn, combustion does not produce harmful gases, are environmentally friendly materials, but the price is high, suitable for high-end plastic products, plastics products blister European countries generally require the use of a hard PET film, but it is not easy to heat, has caused great difficulties to the plastic trays plastic clear plastic box case packaging, in order to solve this problem, people use a glycol-modified called PETG – polyethylene terephthalate material, such material easy both PVC heat resistance, but also has high environmental and transparency of PET, but the price is higher.

Blister process raw materials

1 blister with a PVC sheet, PET sheet, PS sheet, PS flocking tablets, a PVC sheet, two PVC sheet, plastic plaster, blue plastic, yellow plastic, pine fragrance, plastic package glue board, sandpaper, kraft paper tape

2. Packaging line using sealing tape, packing tape, shrink film, heat tape

3. Mold Making Services: plastic CNC machining aluminum packaging design mold, foundry aluminum mold, Die steel, electroplating mold, punch with iron cutter and laser cutter

Plastic mold technology

Plastic mold technology into production tooling packaging company and packaging of the plastic box mold.

The mold is mainly used in the production tooling and plastic molding finished with a punching die. Divided into the plaster mold plastic mold, mold, aluminum mold and die; finished with a punching die mold divided into iron, wood cutter, laser cutter and Hardware Die.

Packaging molds according to different packaging equipment, divided into: sealing the mold, also known as bakelite molds, dies and high-frequency ultrasonic mold.