Plastic packaging clamshell packaging products and plastic products craft defects

Blister very wide range of process plastic packaging applications, mainly in the packaging, lamp shade, acrylic light boxes, industrial plastic case and plastic parts production. Our current business scope involves only the packaging plastic trays industry and thickness less than 1.5mm, the area is less than 660X1100mm of plastic products fields.
Plastic packaging products from the functions are divided into two categories: one category is showing, protection, landscaping products for the purpose of transparent series, packaging products for the commodity, placed or hung on the supermarket shelves, choice of materials and more to better transparency of PET and PVC, products include: mask, blister card, blister card blister, double blister sealing, folded double blister and transparent packaging company folding box; other is protection, packaging design segregation, shockproof, for the purpose of foil trays, plastic box series, packaging products for the electronics, IT, industrial parts and cosmetics, choice of materials, mostly PS (color, antistatic and flocking, etc.), products include: trays, Neto, plastic boxes, flocking plastic, antistatic plastic, conductive plastic pallets, trays and so on. In recent years, these two types of plastic packaging products combine and produce a new type plastics products of packaging: packaging underside sets and sandwiches, which plastic package sets the bottom of the “surface” of the PET material used better transparency, “bottom” using PS materials, both play a containment function, but also play a showcase of visual effects.

Product defects caused by injection causes

Injection molding faults and anomalies eventually focused on the quality of plastic case clear plastic box injection-molded articles reflected.
Disadvantages injection products can be divided into the plastic box following points:
(1) Product injections insufficient;
(2) Product overflow edge;
(3) Products dents and bubbles;
(4) there are seams;
(5) Product brittle hair;
(6) plastic color;
(7) products are silver, stripes and flow marks;
(8) product gate at the turbid;
(9) product warpage and shrinkage;
(10) Product size allowed;
(11) Product paste mold;
(12) Material paste flow channel;
(13) nozzle salivation.