Often people are always the plastic packaging and the “white pollution” linked to the readily biodegradable packaging material products as green packaging, packaging products without taking into account the production process will cause environmental pollution and waste of resources, as well as packaging products after use can be reused. For example, some people will be regarded as green packaging paper packaging, plastic package plastic packaging placed on the opposite side of green packaging. So, in the end what is green packaging?
Other packaging materials can not be replaced
Recently held Green Rubber Industry Forum, the participating experts to clarify, is conducive to sustainable packaging is green packaging. To health and safety, environment-friendly, resource-saving three ruler to measure, with full life-cycle analysis, are environmentally friendly, is green packaging. Therefore, paper packaging if serious pollution in the papermaking process or recycled properly, not eligible for green packaging requirements; while plastic packaging if you achieve a reduction, resource clamshell packaging recovery, recycling, is the green packaging.
Studies have shown that the plastic material can get a lot of applications because of its lighter mass, compared to glass and metal, it has a lower carbon footprint. From the overall performance point of view, plastic packaging materials also have other irreplaceable advantages. High-density polyethylene than unbleached kraft paper shopping bag full life cycle of contamination is much smaller. If a comprehensive ban plastic in the packaging field, will result in greater packaging contamination. plastic box
Full life cycle design first
In addition to packaging materials used, but also from the user and the environment considering whether to green. If the direct packaging with less material, when used in the transport packaging may be more. To meet the packaging functions of the premise, to follow the circular economy reduction, reuse, recycling, principles of conduct plastic packaging economic activities to minimize waste throughout the life cycle of generation, green design is the starting point. This aspect can be achieved through product design packaging lightweight effect, reducing the use of raw materials; hand can be used to facilitate recycling of plastic raw materials, reduce the clear plastic box amount of solid waste permanently. In packaging design and development, global vision on the development of a successful product is essential.
Coca-Cola recently launched plastics products “Ice Dew” bottle green design is the first representative. “Ice Dew” light flask packaging packaging company bottle weighs only 9.8 grams, compared with the original bottle packaging design weight more than 35%, corresponding to a 35% reduction of carbon emissions, while the ordinary plastic beverage bottles cans mass of about 16 g. Bottle and its wall thickness of only 0.1 mm, can be easily twisted strip, save 70% of reclaim space. This product has been able to do better than ordinary plastic bottle weight loss of nearly 40%, but did not load reduction and other physical properties, and its technical design are inseparable. Narrow mouth bottle with a new design, smaller diameter and height so that the amount of polyethylene bottle was reduced by 50%, but did not deteriorate sealing; sidewall ribs with a different structure, while the thickness of only 0.1 mm but enough to ensure no deformation of the bottle with beverage; bottom lines petal appearance more than 1 times the normal bottle, in order to achieve a thin bottom compression.
Hard plastic packaging recycling also affect the “image” of important factors. Therefore, the packaging material is also easier to recycle plastic packaging design focus. According to the manufacturer presentation, packaging design to make use of the same material or materials easily separated, easily recyclable materials, will be able to improve the recycling rate for plastic packaging materials. Bimodal high density polyethylene, metallocene polyolefins having a high water barrier properties of the modified polyvinyl alcohol coated film packaging material, at the expense of both the performance of the premise, to reduce the film thickness. This lightweight, single-material packaging materials regarded as a good choice. If the heat-sealable varnish stretched film only materials can significantly reduce the amount of packaging has been a lot of cold applied; metallocene polyolefin of high strength can reduce the thickness of the packaging film; coextrusion layers can be precisely controlled composite technology film thickness, so the price of high thickness of the barrier layer can be controlled very thin, while its preservation performance is also improved doubled or even several times.
Preferred short lifetime of biodegradable packaging
Tsinghua University Professor Guo Baohua opinion, plastic case bioplastics can not completely replace ordinary plastic, but for a short life cycle, or one-time items and difficult to recall products, such as mulch or household packaging, biodegradable material is a preferred materials.
This first industrialized polylactic acid biodegradable plastic materials in packaging and other fields has been widely applied. Retail giant Wal-Mart led to large retailers began several years ago to promote the plastic trays use of polylactic acid transparent rigid packaging boxes and bags, and more and more retailers joined the ranks.
It is understood that weighs 14 grams ordinary polyethylene packaging material if modified polylactic acid material to replace the quality only 1.5 grams. Polylactide realize tons of industrial production, the price will be close to conventional polyethylene film. Green plastic packaging will then closer to us.