Sichuan plastic bags only qualified Qi Cheng

Recently, Sichuan Province Bureau packaging company of Quality Supervision retail packaging bag products for a special spot checks pass rate Qi Cheng.
The total sample of 10 enterprises in the clamshell packaging province clear plastic box produced 25 batches of plastic bags products, the results showed plastic case that there were 19 batches of product inspection, sampling batch pass rate of 76%. plastics products There are six plastic package batches of unqualified plastic bags, the main problems are: drop test, seal strength, leak resistance does not meet the standard requirements.
Spot checks plastic trays found that individual enterprises in order to reduce production costs, the use of low-quality raw materials, blow molding equipment obsolete, not strictly in accordance with the operating procedures, etc., resulting in products of inferior quality. Some packaging design companies set the “plastic limit order” regardless, plastic box still produced thin plastic bags (thinner than 0.025 mm), which is plastic packaging not only a violation of the national industrial policy, but also to create enormous pressure on environmental protection.
The council has failed checks ordered rectification enterprises according to law, the deadline for review of the review is still unqualified will resolutely investigate and punish.