On the original melamine tableware plastic?

? Because plastic tableware heating easy to breed harmful substances, therefore, many restaurants have selected impact resistance melamine tableware as girders, many children also chose this material tableware, however, according to experts, said melamine tableware general heat resistance of not more than 120 degrees Celsius, it does not apply the microwave, it is best not long dress hot food, if used incorrectly, you may cause adverse health effects.
Since melamine tableware packaging design not broke, and non-toxic odor, so people Mr. Wang bought a set of blue and white porcelain melamine tableware home, but did not expect first clear plastic box steamed out of the situation, Mr. Wang said, plastic trays before use and no attention cutlery plastic packaging logo on the label, such as fish, plastic package steamed back out, just smelled a clear plastic taste, a look at the plate under the label says “do not apply to microwave ovens”, Mr. Wang suddenly realized.
In addition, many Kids Tableware is manufactured with this material, and these dishes invariably marked material is melamine resin or melamine. Melamine resin called melamine formaldehyde resin, in fact, a plastic, in the synthesis plastics products process is used when bonding formaldehyde, formaldehyde component generally will not precipitate, but due to heat resistance of the melamine resin at 120 degrees Celsius, so at high temperatures does not exclude formaldehyde plastic case precipitation, it is not recommended packaging company to use heat, it is best not to long dress hot food.
It is understood that the melamine resin is allowed clamshell packaging to manufacture tableware, also has a corresponding national standards. However, in the supermarket “compartment tray”, “side dish”, “tray” and other appliances, not food grade melamine resin raw material, but by the non-food use of urea-formaldehyde resin as a raw material, since these appliances are often associated with melamine resin tableware sales together, unsuspecting consumers may mistakenly buy a home they serve food plastic box as cutlery, might inadvertently ingested formaldehyde and other toxic substances.