Plastic bags and vacuum quality

?Plastic bags for its cheap and convenient property quickly flooded the food packaging market , has become a human life can not be abandoned supplies . But the poor packaging company quality bags, biodegradable , great harm . In plastic case order to prevent white storm continues to pollute the packaging design earth , Chu Nan Haida plastic packaging companies and other industry benchmark companies , lead by example Strict product quality, focus on environmental safety , to ensure the food packaging bags and vacuum bags and other plastic products safe to use.
First, the good quality from the corporate responsibility
Once a “Sword” Japanese drama plastics products fire half of the sky through which the spirit of the Sword is also often used for analysis. Companies need to “Sword” spirit , the face of market pressures and interests to stimulate competition in the industry , companies must have a strong sense of social responsibility , trade mission, in order to ensure that the interests of consumers as the center healthy development of enterprises .
In the face of chaos packaging market in the face of various cheap bags when . Chu Nan Haida ‘s ” Sword Spirit” never give up, always requires that all employees adhere to the quality first . For social , environmental Haida remember for the first ; For partners plastic packaging , Haida remember faith is real . Abide by the clamshell packaging duty to provide the best quality plastic plastic packaging products as their responsibility, has won wide acclaim in the market , pioneers, do assured products .
Second, the good quality from the corporate creative
Courage in the face of adversity decisive clear plastic box choice is to never give up faith , perseverance and dedication is . Whether it is not only high-quality products temptation , or has been for the industry needs to create personalized products, Haida company’s innovation and create plastic trays awareness , have become the head in the industry .
Business to be successful, in addition to mature strategic planning and production capacity, creation is a major factor in the development . Over the years, the Haida are constantly improve themselves, to hire experts , the purchase of advanced equipment , extending from a single plastic bags polyethylene (PE bags ) ; vacuum bags (PA / PE compound bag ) ; color printing compound bag , aluminum bags , high-temperature cooking bags , zipper bags and other products.
For all types of food, cosmetics , plastic box daily necessities, digital products, seafood products, frozen products, household items, toys, clothing plastic package , footwear, jewelry, and other industries to provide a variety of customized bags and exported to foreign countries , and with the large European companies form a permanent partnership.
Third, good quality from the principled leader
Over the years, Haida company adhere to the ” quality first , integrity first, environmental protection first ” philosophy, to ensure product quality and customer interests . In the face of many difficulties and challenges, with the highest quality products, ” Sword Spirit ” has come now . Chu Nan Haida Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. , “the president of Miss Wang Suqing mentioned in the interview : ” Hedda Founded 10 years ago , could have been an upward trend, many well-known enterprises at home and abroad pro- active cooperation gaze . That their will always adhere to the ” people-oriented, quality-oriented , customer- oriented” basic economic principles and directions , not only embodies the Wang’s life criteria also reflects the Haida business purpose.
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