iPhone rumors will launch plastic trays a plastic plastic box housing version

In the domestic users are considered “fashion”, “cool”, “there is style,” the Apple phone, the next twelve thousand dollars can buy? According to legend, this year on September 10 is expected to release the new version of Apple’s iPhone, this phone will configure the plastic shell, the name may be called “iPhone5C”, is considered to be in the low-end market Apple products a powerful weapon against Andrews.
Apple has previously been implemented targeting high-end marketing strategy to win a larger space is a premium it has been chase. Therefore, the clamshell packaging “change course” is obviously not Apple’s intention. Analysis of the industry, Apple’s push packaging design cheap mobile phone industry is affected by the current competitive landscape of persecution due. Market research firm Canalys plastics products released data show that Apple’s mobile phone market share in China from 2012 to 9% in the second quarter, the second quarter of 2013 decreased by 5%. This is because Apple by clear plastic box China cheap Android handset manufacturers a run, such as Lenovo, ZTE, millet launched a series plastic case of inexpensive and powerful phone configuration; in the world, Canalys data show that the top five domestic brand smartphones – Lenovo, Coolpad, ZTE, Huawei and millet total of the global smart phone market share of 20%.
However, Apple once into the low-end market, will face aggressive competition from domestic mobile phone manufacturers the Red Sea. Apple’s market share in China declined, mainly because plastic packaging Apple and the world’s largest carriers – China Mobile to subsidize purchase agreement has been unable to reach an agreement. Domestic mobile phone manufacturers have been able plastic package to participate in the enthusiasm of the three operators customized mobile phone R & D, to obtain a stable profit. Meanwhile, the domestic mobile phone manufacturers of the new low-end market more in line with the user’s psychological expectations. Their dual-core / quad-core, large screen / large screen, pixels high, personalized application-rich, are staring at a fast pace of development of mobile Internet. In addition, the packaging company domestic manufacturers channel advantages are unique. Domestic mobile phone manufacturers are basically flat channels through direct supply, further highlights the corresponding cost advantages.
Apple pushing cheap phones, is considered a move risky move, but the face of changes in market competition, but also how to live the same? Lesson is that a few days ago has been suspended, or preparing to sell the Canadian BlackBerry company, the former has been the high-end smart phone Blackberry machine brand image, to become the major multinational executives who used mobile office, the receiving company’s internal mail must, but in the face of surging cheap smartphone, the BlackBerry has been reluctant to change the fate of the final ended up turning back.