?Plastic packaging recycling process can be divided into regeneration, pyrolysis and incineration of three kinds. Regeneration Regeneration is divided into simple and compound regeneration.
Regeneration refers to simply scrap, waste or cleaned single variety of plastic packaging and sexual material directly crushed and mixed plastics processing flow returns. Plastic Packaging Recycling priority using this recovery method, this method is also known as mechanical recycling, as is the Low Entropy approach, by technical and economic factors that must be recycling. As clear plastic box China’s labor convenience, this labor-intensive process in China is currently using more methods. EPS waste can be added into the plastic case manufacture of lightweight concrete and lightweight insulation. PU artificial soil waste can be done, progress in soil water storage capabilities.
Plastic waste solutions using chemical or thermal depolymerization, etc. monomer hydrolysable monomer recovery of plastic packaging, is limited to polystyrene, polymethyl methacrylate, polyester, nylon, and other species, the method described above is subject to economic justice sex. Waste polyester hot melt adhesive can be made directly to cracking. plastic package PS waste to produce architectural coatings and paints. After crushing and wood waste plastic packaging design mixing, granulation, may be molded into plastic trays plastic products. PE, PP, PVC and other plastic waste into a large number of inorganic filler is added to produce Gaisu plastic products. Waste PE PE can be used to manufacture asphalt to improve the technical performance of asphalt pavement. packaging company
Urban organic waste mixed plastics and blends, can produce coated fertilizer. Mixed plastics pyrolysis can also be turned into oil or gas, remanufacturing chemical products or as fuel, but the cost is higher. Germany and Japan have been used as a test of the plastic waste blast furnace reductant, instead of plastic packaging coke, economically viable.
Plastic incineration into clamshell plastics products packaging heat for expensive labor in developed countries, is economically desirable way, but incinerator investment is large, suitable for a larger proportion of plastic waste cities. Plastic incineration can reduce 90% of the volume and 80% by weight, the heat value is generally 83kJ / kg, plastic box close fuel. Table 5 shows the 1992 German plastics waste disposal cost data shows that for them, incineration is economically viable. The disadvantage is the incineration air pollution.
Using the hydrolysis of polyvinyl acetate can be made of a water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol resin (PVA), is a no recycled plastic packaging, do not produce solid waste, particularly suitable for packaging food, pesticides, detergents, etc., can be directly dissolved in water . To be fully biodegradable polylactic acid modified starch and ecological plastic packaging waste, can be composted and fro naturally.