Brief polyethylene waste

?Polyethylene is a plastic largest output, highly versatile thermoplastic, which is composed of ethylene polymerization, is partially crystalline materials generally available thermoplastic molding methods. Polyethylene can be divided into high-density polyethylene, low density polyethylene and linear low plastic case density polyethylene three plastic trays categories.
High density polyethylene is generally higher than the density of 0.94g /, and low density polyethylene and linear low density polyethylene has a density in between 0.91 ~ 0.94g/cm. Main sources of waste polyethylene film has packaging design two aspects: plastic packaging
1 plastic package film production generated scrap, defective products and so on. These wastes are clean, clear varieties, can crush the compressed directly into an extruder granulation, recycling process becomes simple.
2 From the chemical plastics products industry, electrical industry, food and consumer goods industry and other waste film. These have been contaminated waste film, and some have colored and printed with logo, and some also contain sand, sawdust or shredded paper and other impurities.
Polyethylene because packaging company cheap, convenient shape, clear plastic box so its clamshell packaging products, wide range of applications, but the most used or packaging products, is estimated at 60%. High density polyethylene is mainly plastic box used for packaging films and bottles, hollow containers; low density polyethylene is the most important use of packaging films and agricultural films; linear low-density polyethylene used in film, plastic film, pipe and wire and cable.