With the rapid development of the national economy, PVC bag applications is packaging company also expanding. It is reported that, as an important branch of packaging materials, PVC bags are widely used in food, cosmetics, daily necessities and other fields, the industry has a key role in boosting the economy.
It is reported that in 2010 the Chinese food packaging industry, announced the “Top Ten hidden products”, it comes to food plastic package in plastics products plastic bags, milk bags two kinds of PVC bags. According to the experts said, PVC bag security issues, is the most worrying problem. First, plastic case the residue index exceeded, two of lead exceeded. Used with PVC bag made from recycled material, 99% residue exceeded. And heavy metals, it is caused by the additives and fillers.
Today, consumers buy plastic packaging items, see the bags have a “food” and the “QS” sign, would be more at ease. However, according to the plastic packaging International Packaging Association survey, there are still some companies production, sales undocumented PVC bag, packaging design even the use of waste plastics and other violations of raw materials for production. Appears forgery or fraudulent use of QS clear plastic box production license others is repeated.
As people’s awareness clamshell packaging of environmental protection and the strengthening of health and safety is undoubtedly the potential to urge the PVC industry towards green road ahead. Experts pointed out, PVC bag industry market space have all been opened, the market demand has also been released. This market environment, there are opportunities to plastic box have bad luck, how to stand out in the Ebb plastic trays Tide, shining glory, became all the company’s core PVC bag production test subject.
Issues related to the degradation of PVC bag, environmental issues remain a long-term goal of public health and safety issues at the moment is urgent. We call, in the absence of sufficient capacity to monitor the market amount is too large social, PVC bags to the healthy development of environmental protection and more dependent on their own quality and standards, rather than externally imposed regulation.