Q: clamshell packaging I am doing PP material back, because the packaging design incoming prices, profit margins are very limited. Modified PP seen online offer, such as flame-retardant PP as 14,500 yuan a ton, I also want to plastic packaging improve the material plastic trays properties through the modification, for profit, I do not know what options PP plastics products plastic case modified? Specifically how to do?
Answer 1: I’m doing a lot of modified polypropylene, really opened up packaging company plastic package the purpose, but, relatively speaking, the technical requirements higher. In the raw material to make the modification, is clear plastic box technically the Competition, you said that 14,500, some 16,000 people may have to draw up, and some 11,000 people may well, therefore, they must have this technology.
Answer 2: reinforced, toughened, flame retardant, anti-UV, self-lubricating, antistatic, wear, etc., but very few that require high back material modification, the modified material to do plastic box with the technology and the production costs are very big relations, technical or buy on their own recipes, but also the amount….