2010 packaging company China coatings industry will occur within two years of the watershed

The fierce market competition plastic trays has led to changes packaging design in the pattern coatings market, but as long as the markets are always risks and opportunities in the financial crisis, it is the power savings plastic package PRD paint companies reshape their own good time. I believe some of the best paint companies PRD after a short adjustment, development strategy will be more clear, they will pay more attention to the quality of development. Meanwhile, the company’s statements are no longer just stare at the sales performance, but more concerned about how to achieve profit maximization.
Now, a lot of big companies have the strength to take this opportunity to accelerate the pace of its expansion, but some corporate executives to look directly fixed on the acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions. There have been well-known corporate CEOs said: the advent of the financial crisis makes the acquisition costs, before the acquisition of 10 million yuan are not a business, and now a few million dollars can be negotiated, but in some areas where there are some advantages with features business. At this time talk to them about acquisitions and mergers and acquisitions to plastics products expand access to relatively low cost, thus integrating the company’s resources to achieve rapid development, the completion of their overall strategic layout.
PRD: go its own way, creating their own brand
Face paint companies in the PRD has clear plastic box been an unavoidable problem. The PRD paint companies are mostly joint ventures or private, smaller, so the majority of these enterprises is a high energy consumption, high pollution enterprises. Many small businesses over the plastic case Pearl River Delta and the blind expansion of production, one-sided pursuit of speed, quick success, neglected to cultivate talent and corporate culture. The face of financial crisis, dormant period, the plastic box PRD enterprises to increase the paint’s efforts to develop their plastic packaging own talents, improve their corporate culture.
Perhaps later paint companies in the PRD has no advantage on policy support, but the PRD perfect supporting facilities, the unique cultural environment and corporate culture rooted in the long-precipitation, let PRD after a short period of adjustment after integration becomes more robust.
Currently, the PRD paint companies in the face of a competitor’s product with its own growing homogenization of the time, no longer blindly expand production, lower prices, the use of methods to losing wounding competition, but the product quality continually optimized improve, and ultimately the formation clamshell packaging of qualitative products, product quality and technical content has been a qualitative leap and qualitative takeoff….