Kind of plastic packaging lead salt stabilizer

Lead salts are most commonly used PVC heat stabilizer, is a very effective heat stabilizer, an amount of PVC heat stabilizer can account for 70% or more.
Lead salt stabilizer advantages: excellent thermal stability, long-term plastic package thermal stability, good electrical insulation properties, good weather resistance, low prices.
Lead salt stabilizer disadvantages: poor dispersibility, toxicity, with initial coloring, packaging company it is difficult to obtain a transparent product, it is plastics products difficult to obtain vivid color plastic trays products, lack of lubrication, easy to produce sulfur contamination.
The lead salt stabilizer used are:
(1) tribasic lead sulfate plastic case
Formula 3PbO.PbSO.H20, code-named TLS, referred to three salt, white powder, density 6.4g/cm ‘. Tribasic lead packaging design sulfate is the most commonly used stabilizers varieties, generally with two lead phosphate salt used in combination with, because clear plastic box no lubrication and lubricant to be with people. Mainly used for rigid PVC opaque products, the dosage is generally 2 to 7 copies.
(2) Dibasic lead clamshell packaging phosphate
Formula 2PbO.PbHPO3.H2O, codenamed DL, referred to two salt, white powder, density is 6.1g/cm3. Dibasic lead phosphate is slightly lower than the thermal plastic box stability of tribasic lead sulfate, but weathering performance in tribasic lead sulfate. Dibasic lead phosphate tribasic lead sulfate are often associated with and used, the dosage is generally tribasic lead sulfate to 1/2.
(3) Dibasic lead stearate
Codenamed DLS, as tribasic lead sulfate, Dibasic lead phosphate used with lubrication. Often with tribasic lead sulfate, Dibasic lead phosphate and used, the amount of 0.5-1.5.