In recent years, the plastic film in clear plastic box all aspects of agricultural production unit has been widely used. For example, used to cultivate rice, cotton, wheat seedlings, cultivation of fruits and vegetables to save seeds, fruits, vegetables, grain, in order to prevent insects frogs, germination, deterioration; for storing fertilizers, pesticides; used to cover stacked in the open air agricultural products, fermented feed and feed water birth; used to improve saline; used to prevent reservoirs, canals leak to cover fishponds, give color warm; used to cover the basin in order to achieve full-year salt.
Following is a brief agricultural plastic film several main purposes:
Seedling cultivation with plastic film greenhouses or greenhouse production, can be rice, cotton and melon, fruit, vegetables, nursery and planting. Plastic greenhouse or plastic greenhouse structure, since the conditions of use across different types are not the same. The general structure of the arch, which uses bamboo, plastic pipe or steel as a support frame, the plastic film covering on the stent, and with straw or plastic rope tied silk, and then four weeks in contact with the ground with earth pressure plastic film Well, at the appropriate place to stay out of the gate or vents. Small plastic shed is generally a meter high, large plastic shed even tractors can also be opened into farming.

With plastic film can save seeds for rice seedlings, improve land cropping, improve crop growth late resilience. Because plastic shed temperature, ground temperature, moisture suitable for rice germination and seedling growth can prevent cold and low invasiveness, reducing Rot Simiao phenomenon, and also avoid birds pecking seeds. According to the survey, with a thin film greenhouse seedling seedlings per mu yield than the open-air food l0 – 15% or so.

With plastic film for cotton seedling transplanting, can effectively extend the cotton growing season, making it earlier than the broadcast cotton bud, flowering, boll; Jinhua can improve resilience to ensure a full seedlings; also saves cotton, improve seed propagation coefficient. According to the survey. Seedlings with plastic film, can Jinhua yield about 20%.

With plastic film for melon, fruit, vegetables, nursery cultivation, production can not only grow exponentially and can extend the supply period and early market. The growth of vegetables tend to be limited by natural conditions, in northern China, the annual average temperature is low, frost-free period is shorter, in the cold season is generally difficult to eat fresh vegetables. The use of plastic film scaffolding cultivation of vegetables, you can extend the supply of fresh vegetables, annual production was basically even, balanced supply.

Furthermore sterile plastic film also allows watermelon watermelon listed earlier, generally yield thirty-seven% and better quality of watermelon; sterile potato seedlings with plastic film can be improved to make the emergence seedling growth robust, generally, increase yields two percent.
Stored in the crop harvest crops, such as rain hit even paper, just harvested crops can not be dried in the sun, it is perishable germinate, tend to make the fruit harvest by hand a great loss. To solve this problem, you can use plastic film to be sealed. The following only describes two methods of crop sealed custody, other crop storage methods according forth.
Rapeseed sealed custody. This method is simple, and can be used with local container. For example, run out of good plastic rapeseed in full plastics products bloom, plastic case with a rope tie the bag (tie two ropes); using tanks, urn rapeseed and other containers in full bloom, plastic trays and then fastened with plastic film to the brim. Freshly harvested wet rapeseed, the use of plastic film sealed essentially from the outside air, the lack of sufficient oxygen in the container, it is not easy to germinate rapeseed deterioration. However, because the film itself has a certain permeability, and can not really cut off all the air so keep rapeseed time not too long, usually five to ten days, once the weather was fine, should not only poured out rapeseed ted. Rapeseed bloom containers in cool ventilated place, always check for leaks and to prevent rodents bite plastic film.
Wheat seed sealed custody. Sealed with plastic packaging plastic film custody wheat seeds can prevent infestation, without affecting germination after sowing. This method is: first wheat seed four to five hours immersed in cold water, picked up after fully dried in the sun, and then were loaded into a small plastic bag, then these little seeds installed stacked plastic film bags In another large plastic film bag, seal the bag (preferably with heat welding method sealed bag), and in the stacked plastic film cast onto some of the surrounding pesticides to prevent insect bites Queensland. Since wheat seed in a sealed custody lack of oxygen, reducing the wheat seed respiration intensity, so make wheat seed germination green high, emergence thrive.

Additionally, you plastic box can use a similar approach for other crops storage clamshell packaging custody, or covered with plastic film stacked in the open agricultural products, fertilizers, pesticides and so on.

Some of the soil to prevent leakage due to geological structures cause water leakage deepened quite serious. This long-term leakage continues, it will cause the water table rose, there was a large salt pan land. Then, even if a large number of fresh water irrigation, the packaging company effect is not large. If less than one meter in saline areas, covered packaging design with a layer of plastic film, then pour mixture of sand on the film, you can receive a significant anti-leakage effects, thereby controlling the rise in groundwater level to protect and improve the soil.
In the construction of small reservoirs, canals, and sometimes there will be leakage, if they are on the bottom and covered with a layer of plastic film around, you can plastic package control this leakage. Using this method to prevent leakage, labor and material, can greatly improve the water storage capacity is conducive to fully utilize water resources.
Salt lake salt production covered only two seasons a year, in the salt production season, it rains on the helpless. If the salt crystals with a plastic film covering pools, rain can make use of plastic film to protect salt layer, excluding fresh water, to prevent rainwater dilute saturated brine, and then opened the film rain, let it evaporate naturally continuous crystallization can be achieved lake salt, salt production seasons . According to some areas of the test showed film covering Salt crystallization methods generally yield about 30% lake salt, the covering area is small, when the halogen source abundance, even more than 50% increase lake salt. With this approach, but also help improve the quality of raw salt, mechanized production, continuously variable seasonal solar salt salt production for the whole year.

Salt cover plastic film, usually black PVC film which has good resistance to aging and chemical stability, long-term corrosion resistance to salt water….