Prevent soft PVC plasticizer clamshell packaging migration method

PVC plasticized widely used, but the plasticizer move said out from pvc such as plasticizers from plasticized PVC medical devices and plastic box storage bags of physiological fluid migration. Now, in the storage device, plasma, serum, liquor, food fat, and infusion of dialysis patient, a plasticizer has been detected. Large number of tests reported phthalate plasticizers on the potential human health hazards, the most commonly used phthalate, di (2 – ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) is a degreasing agent-induced liver cancer, but plastic case also on the reproductive system and other organs harmful. In order to prevent plasticizer from plasticized PVC products migrate out to clear plastic box reduce the harm to human body, there were many people trying to use other graft plastic packaging polymers of PVC, blend, or coated with paint, glow discharge (glow -discharge), prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light and other methods of PVC surface treatment, as well as with dithiocarbamate (dithiocarbamated) for photo-crosslinking [1] and other methods to prevent plasticizer migration. JayaKrishnan and plastic package LaKshmi reported [2], in a suitable plastic trays phase transfer of water surface modification using sodium sulfide plasticizer, plasticizer migration can be effectively prevented. After this approach to soft PVC, it is suitable for medical and related equipment applications. Made by the alkyl halide and sodium dialkyl sulfide (dialkylsulphide) is a good raw material, there is a phase transfer catalyst, plastics products it can be easily procure PVC unstable chlorine atoms in the molecule by various nucleophilic substituted reagents.
Dianion containing compound (such as Na2S) packaging company instead of the PVC unstable Cl, the polymer crosslinking reaction. If packaging design crosslinking occurs in plasticized PVC film, this surface crosslinking can prevent the migration of plasticizers. Medical grade PVC tube of tetrabutylammonium hydrogen sulfate (0.15mol / L) the presence of a phase transfer catalyst, sodium sulfide in water (7.0mol / L), heated to 80 , 5h, while heating intermittent shaking. The sample was then washed with a large number, in trough remote sonar device (bath-typesonicator) sonicated within 1min, then at 50 drying to constant weight, using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (X-rayphotoelectronspectroscopy) and elemental analysis determined to prove that there are sulfur PVC samples. The surface of the PVC mesh structure, the tetrahydrofuran effect, it can separate out, and no cross-linked portion, then with soft PVC, the additive dissolved….