Filled Masterbatch Market Situation and Analysis

Filled masterbatch is widely involved in the field, use a large range of functional materials, ten years, China Plastics Processing Industry Association Professional Committee of modified plastics organize various tertiary institutions, research institutes, equipment manufacturing, raw materials, production manufacturers held packaging design several technical exchange activities to clamshell packaging promote the development of filler masterbatch modified to have any, to enhance industry standards as the goal, to serve member companies for the purpose of plastic packaging a plastic trays lot of useful work, has been the national industry leadership and the general membership praise.
Filled masterbatch manufacturers, mainly in Hebei, Zhejiang, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Henan, Shaanxi, Sichuan, plastic box clear plastic box Gansu, Guangxi, more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions are about more than 300 manufacturers, the annual production capacity of approximately In the 250 to 300 million tons, annual production Filled masterbatch about 2 million tons.

Filled masterbatch in the national market, there is still a difference in price, supply and demand imbalance. As in recent years launched a new large enterprises, but also the pursuit of quick success, packaging company crowding the market, prices fell sharply, resulting Filled masterbatch manufacturers sharp decline in profits, especially in the areas of higher concentration of manufacturers, the market competition plastics products is particularly intense, Many products in the edge of little or no profit, businesses can increase productivity and improve service * commitment to maintain their operations.

At present, about 85% of the filling modified masterbatch production enterprise based filler for leading products, competitive plastic package market, a plastic case significant decline in economic benefits, while some companies in the original production, based on the development of new products on the market, achieved satisfactory results. Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other places of production enterprises, adopt a blending modification technology, production engineering modified materials and functional masterbatch, benefits are considerable. There are many companies are in the research and production enhancement masterbatch modified to expand the scope of application fields and use, economic and market prospects are very impressive.