In the hot-fill PET bottle production, direct contact with the material packaging materials mainly PET bottles and caps. PET bottles in just blown out, which brought the number of colonies less, but because of blown plastic case out of the bottles themselves with static electricity, which can easily adsorbed dust in the air, and the dust is a good carrier microorganisms, this empty bottles in the storage process will be subject to microbial contamination, the degree of pollution and PET bottle packaging and plastic packaging storage environment. ESL for hot filling PET bottles and caps need to choose a reasonable packaging and strict control of clamshell packaging packaging materials storage and packaging design transportation conditions, while, in the production process must be sterilized before use. In the process design, packaging materials required under the initial microbial contamination to determine the extent disinfectants varieties isolator selection process conditions used in disinfectants and disinfection mode selection.
ESL in hot filling PET bottles production line, empty bottles of disinfectant disinfection methods are mainly perfusion and jetting method. Empty cap disinfection methods are mainly continuous jetting method and the immersion method. plastic package In the production packaging company line design, it is necessary according to the selected disinfectant bactericidal strength, disinfectants and corrosive irritant to personnel, the production line speed and stability isolator manufacturers’ quality requirements and quality control standards reasonable choice of packaging materials disinfection methods.
ESL for hot-fill PET bottles in the production of packaging materials commonly used disinfectants plastic box disinfection mainly hypochlorous acid, chlorine plastics products dioxide, peracetic plastic trays acid and compound disinfectant. Generally speaking, in the low-speed production line, using perfusion disinfection disinfectant can be maintained longer duration of action, the choice of weak bactericidal disinfectant. And in the middle and clear plastic box high-speed production lines in order to ensure reliability of the equipment, are generally used disinfectant jetting method, while, in order to reduce the cost of investment in equipment, technology requirements disinfectant spray on impulse, the role of time should be as short as possible Therefore the choice of disinfectants, you should use a disinfectant bactericidal ability.
The choice of varieties in disinfectant, disinfectant key consideration in addition to the microbial characteristics and broad-spectrum bactericidal bactericidal intensity, corrosion of equipment disinfectant, disinfectant injury to operating personnel as well as disinfectant residual in the package is the key material in the elements to be considered. As currently used isolators chlorine dioxide, which has a strong irritant after exposure cause coughing, sneezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and runny nose, tearing and other irritation, inhalation of high concentrations of pulmonary edema may occur….