, Waste plastic recycling is still a blank.
Recently, Changchun Guiyang Street area for demolition and renovation, the old house debris flea many, many residents took the opportunity to clean out old things at home, brought Liantan useful, useless to sell scrap, for a time attracted a lot of people dragging flatbed waste collection. Reporters were asked about several scrap the acquisition of personnel, they replied only accept plastic waste plastic bottles and plastic tubes, and like plastic sheeting, convenient bags, snakeskin and other plastic products are not close, even if they are white to give No, because these are the scrap plastic waste is sent to the scrap yards clear plastic box also a throw.
Improve the plastic package agricultural production of plastic sheeting, plastic bags and facilitate people’s daily life, but once these plastic products after completion of their mission, but can only become a “white pollution” thing. Since some of these plastic products production and use, so why did no one recycle it? Reporter has consulted the environmental, construction, environment and sanitation and other clamshell packaging departments have responded packaging design that recycling “white pollution” material things do not go their possession, as to who should control them do not know.
Since nobody recycling, then we spend months and years of plastic waste generated by these products are how to deal with it? Changchun MCAESA staff answered only one way: incineration. The staff explained that because people do not develop the habit of garbage classification, which plastics products are often discarded plastic bags and other garbage mixed together, and some of these mixed plastics waste does not apply to composting, landfill disposal if implemented not only occupy the land, but also affect the ecology, so I had to, and other combustible household waste incineration approach to take. Every day, these waste plastics as combustible garbage class are sent Changchun Xin Xiang waste incineration plant incineration gas treatment and disposal, in order to ensure that no secondary air pollution.
In fact, not only burning waste plastics an approach, it is completely possible to recycle, but now we have not yet established a strict recycling systems and measures. In other countries, most of the plastic packaging waste have been recycled, a small part into energy or otherwise harmless treatment, virtually eliminating plastic packaging waste potential hazards. For example: the United States developed a “Resource Conservation and Recovery Act,” for plastic box plastic waste management, recycling and so made a clear provision, California, Maine, New York and other 10 states also has introduced a packaging supplies recycling deposit system. Japan “Renewable Resources Law”, “energy conservation and renewable resources to support law”, “packing containers Recycling Law” and other laws in the special provisions, a clear plastic products manufacturers, sellers and consumers of their packaging company recycling obligations. Germany in the “Circular Economy Law” clearly states, who manufacture, sale, consumer packaged goods, who have to avoid pollution, recycling and disposal of waste obligations. Germany’s “packaging regulations” will be recycling, utilization and disposal of waste packaging material obligations and production, sales and consumption of the commodity rights linked to recycling, utilization and disposal obligations break down into goods and their packaging materials throughout the life cycle various subtle aspects, with plastic case a strong plastic trays operational and effective.
In contrast China to treat waste plastics processing methods, in addition to promoting public garbage classification, is to be landfilled or incinerated waste, there are no special national regulations. In addition, the authorities did not mobilize the public, plastic products manufacturers and distributors of plastic packaging waste recycling, processing and utilization of enthusiasm. In fact, as long as the economy taken by way of compensation, is enough to motivate people and businesses from their own waste separation and recycling of plastic packaging enthusiasm, but not for their own garbage classification and recycling of individuals and businesses, as long as the spirit of the “polluter pays” principle, according to the law collection of garbage and recycling fees to be used for waste separation and recycling of the compensation can be. This approach has been more common in foreign countries, while in China, there is no economic incentives and constraints of such measures….