Some people after drinking the beverage, often used as a loading bottles of vinegar condiment bottles. This approach appears to waste recycling, but in plastics products reality much harm to health.
Department of Chemistry, Xiamen University, Professor Lin Lirong said plastics encountered acid agents will slowly release toxic substances harmful to human and are not easily found by people, so it is absolutely not long-term use. The plastic box majority of plastic beverage bottles, mainly by materials such as polyethylene or packaging design polypropylene, and a variety of organic solvent added steel. Polyethylene, polypropylene, these two materials non-toxic, tasteless, used bottling beverages are safe for humans. But once the high plastic packaging temperature of polyethylene or acid corrosion will slowly dissolve and release organic solvents, it will cause plastic package harm to humans.
There are reports that long-term consumption of polyethylene molecular contamination of food, will make people dizziness, headache, nausea, loss of appetite, memory loss, and even anemia. Therefore, the use of plastic bottles of vinegar, a hundred human health harm.
Lin suggested that the family can use glassware instead of plastic products containing spices and so on. Use of clamshell packaging plastic products with particular attention to, do not touch the vinegar, cleaning agents, avoid direct sunlight, high temperature, etc., packaging company in order to avoid chemical reactions. In addition, when you buy plastic cutlery should be selected goods with PE plastic case (polyethylene) or PP (polypropylene) labeling, decorative patterns less, colorless and tasteless, smooth surface of plastic products.
Chemical decomposition of waste plastics

Is the chemical decomposition of waste plastic hydrolysis or alcoholysis (ethanol solution, methanol and ethylene glycol solutions such solution) through the process of decomposition, can be changed into its plastic monomer or low molecular plastic trays weight substances, again become a synthetic polymer raw materials. Chemical decomposition clear plastic box products uniform, easy to control need be isolated and purified, less investment in production facilities. However, due to the chemical decomposition of waste plastics pretreatment cleanliness, uniformity and variety of decomposition of the reagents have higher requirements, and therefore not suitable for handling mixed type of waste plastics. Currently chemical decomposition is mainly used for polyurethane, thermoplastic polyester, poly Thalidomide other polar categories of waste plastics.