Waste plastic magnetic clear plastic box separation technology

Currently, synthetic resin output reached 200 million tons, a large number of post-consumer plastics processing in today’s global plastic packaging environment has become a hot spot. Treatment of post-consumer plastics generally have the following several ways: 1. Landfill; 2. Incinerated; 3. Composting; 4. Recycling; 5 using biodegradable plastic.
Plastic recycling regeneration methods are: Melt regeneration, pyrolysis, energy recovery, recycling and other methods such as chemical raw materials.
Plastic recycling technology – PolyMag?
U.S. Eriez Magnetics has developed a plastic plastics products case new plastic plastic package recycling technology – PolyMag? ; Its use magnetism to improve the classification of the plastic waste.
In fact, the technique is accomplished by adding a special additive and inexpensive (less than 5%), increased susceptibility of the material, but does not change the plastic trays material properties; then the magnetic separator using Eriezs PolyMag separator material. By different amounts for each of the magnetic material used additives, PolyMag? Techniques of two or more components can be separated. The method may be for example from polypropylene, ABS (PE) is separated, or the thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is separated from the other polymer.
This patent is to solve the existing plastic reproduction method can not fully and effectively separate high purity made of plastic, plastic box which aims packaging design to provide a method of packaging company regenerating high-purity plastic. Independence of the patent term is: A method of improving susceptibility plastic removed from the other materials, the method comprising before the formation of the plastic articles, the plastic component of the specific amount of magnetic material, wherein a specific amount to small enough to not affect the material properties, but large enough to change the magnetic clamshell packaging susceptibility of products.
Magnetic materials mentioned above can be magnetite, ferrosilicon, ferromagnetic particles (such as iron filings), a lot of the added amount of the magnetic material is a plastic component 0.05-5 (wt)%. Using this method uses magnetic separators can be separated from the waste plastics.