Plastic extrusion processing speed in terms of the yield or has its advantages, but many impurities contained in the material, if it can not achieve high efficiency of separation or cleared, subsequent production process will produce a variety of problems, will reduce the quality of the final product.
Stop for network technology innovation
In plastic extrusion contains more impurities, extruder filter often requires frequent replacement, otherwise it will lead to blockage of normal production. Effective, continuous screen changer can achieve rapid replacement of the filter, to improve production efficiency.
Zhongshan Perpetual Machinery Manufacturing Co., South China University of relying on Novel Equipment for Polymer Research Base, National Engineering Research Center, successfully developed a series of melt-changer.
Perpetual machinery production specifications include from 35 to 250mm, manual, hydraulic and hydraulic pillar plate changer. Manual screen changer can be used in the following 25Mp film production line, as well as recycling and other low pressure extruder. Hydraulic plate changers are widely used 36Mp the following recovery, regeneration, film, sheet, pipe, profiles and other extrusion of semi-intensive filtering. Hydraulic double column changer for flat wire drawing machine, cast film, blown film machine and other high pressure and stable extrusion pressure required to operate and requires minimal intervention extruder.
It is worth mentioning that the constant dynamic double-column changer, changer without stopping the production line when the main, auxiliary, vac tray and does not cause the melt pressure fluctuations can keep continuous production normally. More important is that the changer clear plastic packaging effective filter surface area, to adapt to a wide range of materials can be achieved using recycled material production stretching and film products for network downtime, increase productivity and reduce costs.
In addition, the constant moving machinery changer has a variety of structural advantages. First, the changer compact, reliable operation, easy to operate. Design flow smooth, melt residence time is short and effective filtration surface area, force structure, safe and reliable. As a result of a commercially available stainless steel mesh, use lower cost. Changer’s deputy campaign parts using a special structure and materials, high temperature, wear-resistant, long life, maintenance workload is very small. Changer main application of the computer finite element method for structural strength, rigidity calculated to ensure that the changer force reasonable.

Perpetual developed pressure plunger changer, Netted with different sizes to suit different needs.
Another leading changer supplier – Germany KREYENBORG company, launched a series changer, especially suited for process stability, pressure stability and constant flow systems, and can even handle very sensitive to pollution materials.
Processing products for different needs that may arise after the replacement of material of different materials or different color varieties residues may cause product quality problems is an important reason. Kreyenborg grinding gear pump, with excellent abrasion resistance, widely applicable to a variety of different extrusion applications. Especially when used for masterbatch production, the gear pump in the fast refueling and frequent color change aspects of using a special patented technology, with special advantages can plastic case be achieved quickly remove raw materials.
Constant filter ensures stable and efficient production

Kreyenborg gear pump, with excellent rapid refueling and changing color performance.
The traditional twin-screw extruder set, mostly after the first pick extruder melt pump, then changer. The single-screw extruder typical setting is from the extruder, screen changer to melt pump. The reason is most changer in the processing will produce severe fluctuations, melt pump must be buffered. Recently, the German Genuo Si melt filtration system developed by the automatic operation, and processing stability of the pressure case, the sheet processing and packaging with optimal thickness tolerance. Regardless of the configuration single-screw or twin-screw extruder, plastic trays melt pump plastic packaging installed in the downstream of the melt filtration system safe and reliable operation can be achieved without any processing fluctuations.
Changer can be maintained as long as the clamshell packaging processing and the pressure to stabilize, using plastics products the same configuration (extruder – melt pump – changer) has many advantages. Under this situation, to a considerable extent reduce the pressure screw, the screw and extending bearing life. In addition, the melt temperature can be reduced by about 5 -8 , so also reduce energy loss and to improve the quality of the melt. Polymers reduce the thermal shear force, because of the higher viscosity, the downstream processing conditions also improved.
In packaging company Germany a large tensile PP with production enterprises, a test provides convincing proof: the company to 330 kg / h of volume production 1500mm wide, 335m thick film. By the conventional T-die and rollers, the film is uniaxially stretched to 50mm wide, 150 m thick tape. The extrusion line adopts 90mm single screw extruder and RSFgenius 75 changer.
The thickness of the film is monitored by the ultrasonic scanner, the maximum deviation of an average of about / – 3 m, which means that the proportion of minus / – 0.9%. The processing of the normal fluctuations in the proportion of floating up and down only / – 0.6%, showing the operation of rotary filtration system tolerance is minimal. Even in the most prone to large fluctuations during the changer (approximately every three months for a), nor the quality of the sheet fluctuations. The processing of the PET can also achieve this effect.

RSFgenius Rotary Filtration Systems
RSFgenius 75 effective filtration area of ??90cm2, in this case, filtration accuracy of 40m. Based on the principle clear plastic box of rotary melt filtration system features Genuo Si is sandwiched in the middle of the filter inlet and outlet on the turntable ring-shaped distribution of multiple mesh points. Polymer flows through the sieve filter, impurities will be blocked on the filter. This will produce a slight increase in pressure and cause the control system to respond quickly: Filter turntable will be rotated about 1 . In this case, the small pieces of filter area turn out dirty flow channel, while the other small piece of clean filter area will enter the flow channel. Self-cleaning device will guarantee dirty filter before re-entering the flow path will be cleaned. Filter can be reused up to 400 times. RSFgenius filtration system to achieve a fully automated operation, as well as pressure and processing stability. The series filter has ten different size specifications, filter area from 45 to 2500cm2, yields range from 190 kg to 12,000 kg per hour.
Provide cleaning materials from the source control
Packaging is the most widely used plastic extrusion one of the areas in the process of packaging products and systems must be considered clean sanitation and other factors. Especially in the packaging for the food and health, in addition to finished products should be selected for the extrusion cleaning, ensure raw material clean “pre-clean” bulk materials handling systems are also the focus of one of the manufacturers. Coperion Waeschle developed the world’s first bulk material handling systems for the CIP (cleaning in place) components, assembled apart and not in the case of the rotary diverter valve has to meet the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries increasing hygiene and purity requirements, while ensuring minimal loss of packaging design equipment processing capability.

Can be used for CIP cleaning and disinfection of ZRD rotary plastic package valve
Now using the CIP-situ automatic rotary diverter valve can be wet cleaned. CIP capability understood as components can be done in place automatic cleanup, but absolutely clean and sterile. The detection methods are: First, the component with milk spore contamination, and then clean up the component is fully automatic, and then poured into the bacterial nutrient solution culture, in order to be tested, requiring not have bacteria. To meet this requirement, Coperion Waeschle design engineers ensure that the material and the cavity in the rotor, and a flange connection (optional washing of a special seal) to achieve excellent flow. In addition, the internal components in contact with the product has a very smooth surface (Ra less than 0.8 m), to prevent plastic box the formation of deposits. CIP functionality ZRD with rotary valve also optional swing-extraction device, which can be easily carried out its internal checks….