?Plastics industry, especially plastic extrusion temperature control loop more applications in recent years, the emergence of a new control trend is packaging company to use multi-loop, a modular system to replace the traditional discrete temperature table applications.
According to statistics, modular applications at an average annual growth rate of 20% plastics products rapid development. The modular multi-loop temperature control packaging design system with other i / o control integrated in one, not only to achieve a more optimal control effect, but can also be more convenient plastic case for configuration, commissioning, project plastic box archiving. This control method is being more and more devices manufacturers.
varioplc Compact Modular control system is Danaher (danaher) for the company’s vac tray brands in the plastics industry pma user requirements and application characteristics and the development of the plastic clear plastic packaging package system, especially suitable for all kinds of plastic extrusion equipment, cast film equipment, wire and cable equipment, hot runner and other applications, to achieve high precision and high cost ideal combination.
varioplc plc with real-time capabilities, in line with iec61131-3 standard plc programming environment, modular i / o design allows clear plastic box customers the flexibility to choose from a variety of plastic trays desired configuration, the built-in display driver can support 5.7-inch or 12-inch color touch display screens.
Pid control is precise varioplc biggest advantage that the system can support more than 60 pid loop control circuit can be set for each group 2 pid parameters, but also for different cooling methods (such as air, water, oil cooling ) provide different control algorithms, to achieve a more accurate temperature control.
Each loop control module also provides a heating current monitoring function, the heater protection, and to achieve energy saving effect.
varioplc the plastic extrusion machines and other commonly used control functions integrated into the cpu module, for example, the screw motor drive control, position feedback, melt pressure control. Thus, using a set of varioplc integrated control system can replace traditional discrete plc control, temperature control, transmission control, etc., plastic packaging significantly reducing the possibility of errors and downtime, cost savings, while significantly improving performance.
In addition, varioplc also provides a wealth of open fieldbus interfaces: ehternet, profibus-dp, canopen, modbus, rs485/rs232, clamshell packaging you can easily and other industrial field bus for interconnection.