Anti-static plastic boxes are made ??of special material made ??of plastic (usually material mostly PS), surface resistance value of 10 ^ 6 ohm (called conductive trays) 10 ^ 6 to clamshell packaging 10 8 times Fang ohms (called semi-conductive trays) 10 9 to 10 11 ohm power (ordinary antistatic tray). Main purpose: to eliminate static electricity, a large number of electronic plastic clear plastic box box devices and products used in the production plastic package process flow loading, packaging, storage and transportation. Industry, also known as static conductive trays, tray height generally less than 100mm, suitable for vac tray precision electronic components turnaround storage containers, electronic components according to customer requirements, so there are different requirements for size.
???? Anti-static plastic tray with bending, anti-aging, bearing strength, tensile, compression, tearing, high temperature, made ??of box-type plastic case turnover box can be used both packaging design for turnover ship product packaging, lightweight, durable, stackable. Can be customized according to user requirements specifications, plastic trays dimensions, can be equipped with cover, dustproof, anti-static, elegant appearance. General anti-static tray size according to customer’s design, so that the most reasonable load, clear plastic packaging and multiple trays overlap, the effective use of floor space, increasing the electronic plastic packaging components, PCB, clean room components storage capacity, reduce production costs. Electrostatic by everyone in the majority of enterprises are increasingly important today, anti-static tray to help complete turnaround for electronic components, storage of universal, integrated management of the production and distribution companies to modernize production and management of essential goods.