Vacuum plastic plastic packaging box forming process, the early 20th century has been known, but is only used in industrial production since the 1940s things, and in the 1960s have larger development. The past 20 years, PS plastic packaging materials it has developed into the most important processing methods. This is due to the rapid plastic case development of technology vacuum forming process and equipment clamshell packaging innovation, as well as with film forming properties of materials development; also by the development of the packaging industry and vacuum forming plastic packaging products the characteristics of body decision.
???? Blister higher production efficiency, saving raw materials, light weight, easy to transport, good sealing performance, comply with environmental green packaging requirements; packaging design able to wrap any special products, packing without additional cushioning plastic trays material; being transparent packaging products visible appearance beautiful, easy to sell, and are suitable for mechanization and automation of packaging, ease of modern management, saving plastic package manpower and improve efficiency. Blister equipment plus compared to other plastic clear plastic box molding process is concerned, less investment. Mold manufacturing convenience, there are plaster mold, mold, aluminum mold, resin mold.
???? Plastic packaging products choice of clear plastic packaging materials is critical, it not only determines the quality of plastic products, but also decided to environmental performance, then it should be vac tray how to choose the plastic material it? The sheet material used: PVC, PET, PP, PS, and on the basis of flocking sheet, anti-static sheet and plated sheet.