Analysis and explanation: If the two devices do not plastic case adjust well, or there is deliberate avoidance, it may appear off-color ink or printing ink should not dry ink contamination products phenomenon plastics products occurs. Therefore, we should pay attention to:
a. Two electrodes best distance the mandrel.
b. The optimum voltage between the two electrodes.
c. Lamp is plastic packaging being dirt dirty.
d. Optimum distance tube and the mandrel.
e. The lamp voltage, the power is normal.
4) can not be printed unprinted scrap scrap mix, mix flour, to prevent material contamination.
5) When clamshell packaging replacing an ink cartridge, the application of a solvent, rags to clean each ink roller, to packaging design prevent cross-contamination of the ink.
6) Printed generally packed in a plastic bag lined cardboard boxes, lined pocket to be filled after the seal, carton sealing tape tightly surrounded by, beware of dust, insects from entering.
7) finished in a clean and tidy yards positions intact board labeled.
5, crushed
A) crushing the operator should be well trained to distinguish between different materials of the material, to comply with grinding process procedures. clear plastic box
Analysis and explanation: In many factories, frequent personnel changes and the crushing inadequate training, there are often a confusion while mixing powder material, causing a variety of problems in the production process and waste. Mainly due to low pay, dusty, bitter and tired, crushed workers without enthusiasm.
Methods and plastic box Measures:
a. Treatment to improve the milling station, stable staff, enhanced training.
b. Designate a person (with experience) is responsible for crushing sector.
2) grinding of different materials, colors of the material, the washing machine should be based on process requirements. There are three methods commonly used in general:
a. The mill opened, gas blown clean inside and outside the machine, and then crushed. This method is easy because flying dust pollution, but the machine easily washed clean.
b. The direct use of the machine to be washed regrind materials, such as different materials, the washing machine materials can not be reused, but when waste material handling; if the same material, different colors, non-transparent packaging company material, white material, the washing machine when material can be black material handling; If one transparent material, the washing machine when the tape pigment material handling.
Analysis and explanation: Because the mill are dead, generally difficult to clean, or use more material.
c. The strength of the company, often based on crushed material is plastic package divided into several rooms, according to the color configuration of multiple mill, reducing wasteful washing machine.
3) Subject to the yellow timber debris coke material, black spots, grease, dust, dirt, tape, etc. should be removed (can be cut when the garbage material handling).
4) All clear plastic packaging material should be crushed dust, anti-pollution measures.
5) vac tray crushed material should be properly labeled.
6) has been crushed material with a clean, sealed pouch packaging, neat code on the board positions, properly labeled.
7) Blade, tools designated place, beware of compound mixed in damage to the machine, contaminated materials.
8) ground kept clean, garbage into the bag, clean.
These are just above on the “clean” side as we provide a number of key requirements, methods and measures, but this is not enough. Should also establish rules and regulations for cleaner production, there is someone responsible, control procedures, log files, but plastic trays should continue to improve in order for the customer, for the community to provide a clean and sanitary thermoformed plastic packaging products, we can enable enterprises to grow ….