According to the China Packaging Technology Association of Plastic Packaging Council Secretary-General Tsai Ming Chi, this year, the plastic packaging industry to get rid of “atypical pneumonia” effect, adhere to technological innovation, continue to maintain steady growth trend, with good growth opportunities.
According to the statistics, is expected to grow 16% this year, plastic raw materials, plastic products increased by 15.8%, export delivery value increased by 21%. Plastic packaging materials production is expected to reach 4.6 million tons, 4.01 million tons more than last year increased by 15%, including biaxially oriented film, soft plastic composite plastic packaging clamshell packaging materials and packing containers (bottles, boxes, barrels) increased considerably.
Biaxially oriented film of the fastest growing. Partly because the country has BOPP Speciality including Shanghai Petrochemical, Beijing Yanhua, including six production, accounting for 50% of total demand; the other hand, the introduction of the production line has been put into operation this year, the added capacity of 10 tons or more , such as Sichuan Zhongda Corporation, Jiangsu Shuangliang Group and so were the introduction of a large-scale production line, now under construction. Plastic packaging innovation has become a driving force of development.
Barrier, versatility, soft plastic packaging materials developed in recent years has become a hot spot. High permeability powerful plastic case horse, multifunctional plastic wrap, aseptic packaging film developed rapidly, the original composite film is to a deeper level, bag making, printing technology to a new level. The whole industry has been offset, gravure, flexo color printing system, the promotion of soft plastic packaging materials to the depth development; counterfeit packaging films are becoming soft plastic packaging normally open flower.
Coextrusion technology also has a new maturity. With the exception of southern Liaoning Dalian Dongfang Machinery Company has been stacked in the nose technology promotion and application, made in co-extrusion technology clear plastic box and equipment has passed the product identification and began mass production. Guangdong Jinming Plastics Equipment developed by five co-extruded barrier film blowing machine through engaging in new product identification. The development of co-extruded packaging film, multifunctional film will change the product mix, which applies to liquid food, packaging design milk, meat and other food packaging.
Fresh fruits and vegetables packaging film market prospects. According to Mr. Cai Mingchi introduction, China is the world’s largest fruit and vegetable production and marketing plastic box power. However, about 30% of the fruit in the storage, transportation, sales process losses. Which is caused by improper packing fruit rot damage one of the reasons. Despite the different physiological properties of the fruit is not the same, but the color, taste and dehydration are common problems of decay. Therefore, how to suppress the metabolic process, reducing the consumption of nutrients to maintain the quality of fruit flavors fresh packaging an important issue. Currently, polyethylene film and polypropylene films are fresh fruits and vegetables the most widely used packaging materials.
Plastic beverage bottles lurking attractive market opportunities. After investigation, China’s carbonated beverage packaging PET bottles in the proportion of applications accounted for 57.4%, the market prospects. PET bottles in the plastic packaging industry started late, a large number of injection stretch the introduction of technology and equipment to promote a substantial production of PET bottles, PET bottles just a few years for its excellent performance to become the mainstream beverage bottle packaging materials. Including hot filling 85 -90 PET bottles PET bottles has become the fastest-growing species, growth of over 50%. Current industry production of PET bottles larger enterprises Zhuhai Zhongfu Zijiang Group Corporation and Shanghai, packaging company respectively, occupy 30% and 40% market share.
Beer packaging industry in recent years, the international resistant polyester bottle used (PET) develop rapidly, especially PET bottle coating technology (plasma technology) applications, 0.21mm inner coated carbon layer, which is almost the barrier induced like glass, meanwhile, can withstand high temperature sterilization treatment, expand the scope of its application, adaptation tea drinks hot filling plastic package and other packaging. Tsai vac tray Ming-Chi pointed out that Shanghai Zi Jiang Group, Zhuhai Zhongfu Group actively adopt new technology, research and development invested heavily in technology and by co-injection blow molding technology that allows beer in PET freshness up to 100 days, has pilot production 350 ml, 500 ml PET bottles, are being developed, and 2 liters of 1.5 l PET bottles of beer. Currently two companies are building new plants, ready for mass production.
Development plastic packaging of drinking water bottles (barrels) identify the direction. Currently, the market 5 gallon water barrel in PVC, PET-based, bring a lot of problems, PVC water barrel additive toxicity issue clear plastic packaging has been controversial. The PET water bucket is in line plastic trays with hygiene requirements, but because of market chaos, shoddy, old material filling new material, so bottled bacteria levels. According to the same investigation, some places 1/2 or more of bottled water failed, non-food grade barrels material is the main reason. Therefore, the development of food-grade PC material is very urgent. Shanghai has signed with Bayer PC resin construction 100,000 tons, in 2003 the first phase of production, annual output of 50,000 tons, can ease the PC rely on imports of long-term situation.
The rapid development of plastic packaging, market development is inseparable from related industries, food and soft drinks packaging market growth of more than 20%. Therefore, this year, transparent polypropylene market was rapidly plastics products expanding; agricultural processing implement green engineering for the plastic packaging market offers new opportunities. Tsai Ming Chi, for example, start Liaoning green food industry chain involved Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Hebei, Hainan and other nine provinces, municipalities, 100 counties 100 production bases, including grain, fresh vegetables, fresh and dried fruit , milk and milk products, spices, raw meat, poultry and eggs over 3000 varieties of packaging, from production, processing, packaging, transportation, storage, sale of all aspects of the packaging is a challenge, all of which have contributed to plastic packaging materials market expansion.