Plastic packaging materials and food plastic packaging packaging (on)
The food industry is an important part of our national economy, food clear plastic box packaging plastic trays industry closely, inextricably linked: on the one hand the development of food packaging is being affected by the food industry development constraints; hand good packaging but also to promote a certain kind of food exploration and development industry.
In China, with the development of food industry, food packaging industry has also been a corresponding attention and development. Food packaging materials, packaging containers, packaging theory, packaging research, packaging, education, packaging design, packaging technology, packaging machinery and so have greater progress. In the continuous development of social plastic box production, continuous improvement of people’s lives, expanding foreign trade, particularly in the accession to the WTO today, the development of food packaging increasingly prominent role on the national economy. While countries in the packaging company world for food packaging development very seriously, has formed a worldwide technology, high intelligence industries. Over the past decade, China in the food packaging also been a qualitative leap, especially in food packaging plastic material is rapidly clear plastic packaging developing.
Plastic is a plastic polymer materials. With traditional paper, metal, glass and other than plastic packaging design is a new packaging materials. Various types of packaging made of plastic films, bags, barrels, boxes, bottles, cans and composite packaging materials, etc., are widely used vac tray in food packaging, and the amount is increasing every year. The reason why the world of plastic packaging materials are widely used in food packaging, because the plastic packaging with other packaging materials, various excellent features:
(A) it has excellent physical properties of plastic has a certain strength and elasticity, abrasion resistance, engage vibration, and there is a certain barrier.
(2) its chemical stability, clamshell packaging good plastic most acid, alkali, chemical resistance, there is a certain resistance against grease resistant.
(3) the relative density of the plastic light only metal 1/5, the glass 1/3 to 2/3, containers made of light weight, easy storage and transportation, sale, but also easy to carry and use.
(4) easy processing can be extruded, injection inverse, blow molding, thermoforming and composite processing methods will be processed into plastic film, sheet, hollow containers, composite materials and other packaging products.
(5) Promotional plastic aesthetic appearance easily processed into various shapes, can be dyed or colored, can be printed decoration, application transparent plastic packaging, but also increases the aesthetic effect of commodity.
Of course, since some of the health and safety of plastic materials in the plastic case main surface there are problems, coupled with the plastic packaging waste on the environment there is a greater impact. Thus affecting the plastic packaging material the use of certain food packaging field. But with the new emerging plastic material, plastic in food packaging will greatly expand the scope of application.
I am engaged in the marketing materials of plastic bag cultivation work has been more than ten years, and in the meantime I met a lot of work in front-line production and technical staff here, including plastic materials and plastic packaging materials manufacturers use the company’s employees, from their where the solution of a number of plastic packaging materials for new products, and can basically understand the domestic trend of the development of plastic packaging materials. On this basis, I am also seriously understand the principal of plastic packaging materials to which:
1, the mechanical properties, including plastic package its tensile strength, elongation at break, impact plastics products strength, tear strength Caesar, puncture strength, creep, stress relaxation and so on.
2, including barrier permeability and permeability, the permeability coefficient, the moisture permeability, water vapor permeability coefficient of light transmission.
3, heat resistance and humidity resistance.
4, the chemical stability and hygienic. And engages in the practice of observation specific Analysis of plastic packaging materials in food packaging applications.
Used widely in the market, polyethylene (PE) is formed by the polymerization of ethylene by polymerization methods and density, and is divided into low-density polyethylene (LDPE), high density polyethylene (HDPE), linear low density polyethylene bottom (LLDPE)….