2005 Wine packaging development opportunities “turning point” clamshell packaging
Over the past few plastic box years, competition in the industry is full of smoke wine, white wine have change to break out bloody flame looking to grow wine, rice wine, beer from the expansion to accelerate the expansion of health wine steadily, wine planning further invasion. Competition in the wine industry in the future will gradually shuffling to the depth transforming into a quality, brand, packaging contest battle. “Narrow road longing for change, change the pass unlimited”, industry competition requires companies to develop products that meet the market demand, to meet consumer psychology of wine packaging. Analysis of industry experts, 2005 was the development of wine packaging “turning point.”

Inflection point one: materials, environmental protection, innovation and accelerate

Wine packaging breakthroughs clear plastic packaging and development depends largely on innovation and upgrading of packaging materials. Industry laments, in today’s rapidly changing packaging materials, Chinese wine packaging materials used for new packaging is the fastest most. However, due to irrational use the past, and even abuse, causing Chinese wine packaging not been improved much. This year, the biggest improvement wine packaging is environmentally friendly packaging materials are widely used to develop and consciously reduce material costs, mainly due to public enterprises come to realize high-grade packaging is not equal to the simple accumulation of high-grade materials. In addition, glass, ceramic container craft gradual simplification, art appreciation has increased, as the film often reflect the atmosphere by adding artistic detail, rather than simply relying on big production and craft skills; packaging, lining material of practicality, environmental enhancements, packaging materials, conversion to non-coated, lined with materials to environmental protection, “eggshell”, corrugated and other transition.

Inflection point two: Elements to accelerate the integration process

At plastic trays present, the Chinese wine packaging form and content are very similar, leading designer of this problem because the lack of integration of the design elements, creation, limited to simple copy the industry’s existing resources, the lack of external resources industry reference. From the year of the “bronze style”, “corrugated style”, “ancient coins, Chinese knot decor” to “snuff art”, “Chinese plastic packaging design paper-cut style”, “classical garden style”, “Chuanximinju style” gradually introduced and have been successful, in 2005 China’s wine packaging will be more and more learn and absorb the history, culture, geography, folklore and other lay excellent resource material for integration. In addition, with the wine packaging existing delicate nature of some of the best elements to secondary creation, will be “alternative” more performance out of form and content. Chengdu C fire design company developed this year, drawing a lot of Luzhou wine packaging wine packaging design elements, through the delicate production methods, processing elements to detail, to create a school of vulgarity upscale, authentic Sichuan wine image.

Inflection point three: Restoring cultural character

Culture deeply rooted in the hearts of every consumer, may cause a strong resonance with consumers, to promote sales. French wine, vodka Russian, German beer, Japanese sake are representative of a national, ethnic culture, has become a cultural symbol of the carrier, which with its unique cultural connotation of wine packaging inseparable. In China, Xiangjiugui, present and spearheaded the introduction of the last century due to cultural marketing, vac tray set off a boom in the industry, but unfortunately many companies have subsequently fabricated into a piece of history, made up a story, and simply reflects the finest in the packaging deviation culture Marketing Mistakes. Recalling the recent Chinese wine packaging, good luck fen (2002 Chinese Culture Award), the city board pot roast (2001,2003 World Stars), Shuijingfang, icing on the cake (2004 World Stars), and wine culture was initially be manifested. Long Zhao Shu, Chen Xiaoming believes that cultural marketing is one of the trends of marketing wine, plastic package but truly understand and reflect on the packaging is very difficult. China has a long history and profound culture, with its wine culture, corporate culture, manifested through the packaging together, make marketing more effective. Now, companies and designers have been aware of the cultural significance of the packaging in the wine, culture embodied in the future will be more prominent.

Inflection point four: seek simple visual sprint

Famous brand guru Mark Rios (Marc Gobe) packaging design (world’s top ten brand creative companies — “D / G International” President, CEO and executive creative director) In his latest Chinese book “Emotional brand” a book mentioned: Packaging is a half-second commercials. It must immediately play a role in your attention, or to establish a product for your intimate feelings. Good packaging is a silent “promoters”, that consumers half a second contact with the product, the consumer will be attracted to achieve marketing purposes. Therefore, the warlords disputes in the market, in order to facilitate image communication, will require a minimalist packaging design to meet consumer sprint visual effects. COFCO Shaoxing Wine Co., Ltd. Kung twelve Chen plastic packaging Hua Diao wine packaging, combined with simple colors, smooth lines of the bottle, a prominent theme reflects the product claims. The whole package a simple white background, classic black font, soothing ink lines, interesting red icon, mapping out the enthusiasm of packaging company enterprises and designers, showing exciting, fascinating mood.

Inflection point five: Excavating fun watching highlights

“Yantai Great Wall” of the bottle label design, fun to use bronzing shoreline logo and box-type structure, with simple background colors, patterns, very eye-catching, making it stand out in a number of wine packaging. Jiang Zaixiang that wine packaging ornamental highlights, you can make the product in the flat chromophore, ordinary increased its interest in the so-called “finishing touch.” Watch highlights of interesting products must comply with the connotation of cultural connotations, to meet consumer appreciation taste for the whole package will add color to attract the attention of consumers. Jiang Zaixiang icing on the cake series packaging Chinese garden style hollow pane Jiaohong Lin Shu Xiang door first series of packaging design in the classical fan, Chen Xiaolin Shuijingfang design skills of traditional Chinese snuff bottles, have demonstrated a strong traditional culture, interesting to convey the product’s brand of traditional and modern ideas, athletic, luxurious, classic brand appeal, as ornamental highlights, making the entire package vividly brilliance.

In addition, the liquor business and packaging enterprises to build effective communication platform, 2005 will also be an important part of the development of wine packaging….